Sephora Play February 2017

Howdy Y’all,

I am sharing with you my Sephora Play for February, come and see what I loved and a product which I disliked intently. Plus how cute was this months bag, I love that soft grey/pink it is so elegant. Also see that I am wearing a broach, can you remember my campaign #bringbackthebroach I so love them.

Please enjoy.


100 Questions Nobody Ever Asks – Part 1


Howdy Y’all,

One of my YouTube subscribers said they wanted to know more about me (are they mad-lol.) She suggested that I complete the YouTube video titled above, so in an attempt not to disappoint I did as requested. So that the video was not a million minutes long I split it into part one and two, the second part will follow this in another post. I have never been good at sharing myself and who I am, to be honest I am shocked anyone would be interested but hope you enjoy. If you have any other questions please send them my way, you know how I love to hear from y’all.

Ta Ta for now.