Howdy Y’all!





Howdy Y’all,

Long time no speak, sorry I have been out of action, but life has been action packed offline this summer. I did think this would be the case,  I don’t want you to think that the blog and you the reader are not important to me, YOU ARE. Actually some of the sadder events this summer have made me realize how important the blog is to me. It is a  creative outlet for me to share myself in another capacity other than wife and mother. It is safe to say that July was my mense horrendam. Just one sad or tough thing after another.  I am not one to let things get me down but sometimes you just get beat.

August was brighter and I was particularly enjoying spending the last quiet weeks with Little L before she started pre-school. So I find myself for the first time in three years with a little more time on my hands and plenty of dreams. One thing I know is that a mum can be very efficient with  limited time without their child, you would be amazed what we can achieve, but I have to be realistic that the dreams probably outweigh the few hours of freedom I find myself with. I do hope to channel some of this freedom in the blogs direction.

If you are familiar with The Lifestyle Lady you will notice some minor changes. The first is a new email subscription request, this will enable you to be notified when new blog posts arrive or I update the blog and also you will receive my newsletter which will contain exclusive content not seen on the blog, (WOW.) I have also been playing with the layout, I’m not totally happy yet so this maybe subject to change once again (but that is a women’s perogative right?!) Finally I list all the ways you can contact and follow me on social media.

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So buckle up and enjoy the read, got some ideas or something you would like to see, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

Ta Ta for now