Make Up Purge – Part Two Mascara

make-up-declutter-part-2-mascaraHowdy Y’all,

Happy Monday, how was your weekend? Ours was wonderful the weather here was outstanding. We were not expecting Saturday to be quite as good so we aborted our original plan and instead visited the giant.

Little L and I enjoying a selfie with our giant.

I sort of think of him as the mascot, greeting people as they approach the city. Little L loved him, she compared him to the chicken statue that appears near her Uncle Fun’s house, but like they say “everything is big in Texas.” It also reminds her of one of her favorite stories The Spiffiest Giant In Town by Julia Donaldson. If you have not come across her books for children I urge you to do so, they are simply fabulous. If you follow me on Instagram @thelifestylelady you would have seen Little L and I enjoying the rest of Saturday afternoon in the driveway with chalk. Sometimes it is the simple things which can bring the most pleasure.

Mr L and I spent Friday and Saturday evening in one of our favorite ways, catching up on movies which we can no longer go to the movies to see, while enjoying a little wine. Friday night we watched Deepwater Horizon, this is a busman’s holiday movie for Mr L who works in the industry (not BP.)  He had wanted to avoid it because he wondered how it would be portrayed. I felt lucky to be watching with an industry expert because he could really explain some of the science. Emotionally it touched us both so much, the power of nature and negligence.  Saturday night we watched The Accountant, I have a confession I fell asleep half way through and ended up re-watching on Sunday. This was a little action over substance for me, not one of Mr Affleck’s best.  Sunday morning I met up with a Dallas friend who was in Houston for a Bachelorette, it is always great to catch up even  briefly. The rest of Sunday was spent doing my 15 point plan, if you missed that post please click on the link, it has certainly been popular. In continuation of that today I bring you part 2 of my make up declutter which is focusing on mascara. I am sharing with you ones I have liked and loathed and why. Please enjoy


Until next time!

Ta ta for now


Ulta Haul & Skin Care Update


Howdy Y’all,

Happy Wednesday friends, I do hope your week is going well, we are experiencing lovely weather at the moment, unseasonably warm which means one thing, being outside. I notice a visible improvement in the behavior and mood of Little L and I when we are able to be out enjoying the sunshine. If you follow me on Instagram @thelifestylelady you will see a photo of Little L and I having ice cream well you will see I was having none, no sharing allowed apparently.

I think I have mentioned before that I am suffering with a very small breakout of Milia so in my pursuit of fixing the problem I took a small trip to Ulta. In today’s video I talk all about Milia, my skincare and some other sneaky little goodies I picked up. Please enjoy.

Ta Ta for now,




Sephora Play Review! October 2016

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Monday. We are recovering from an short trip to Dallas for a toddler birthday party, it seems so shocking that we are celebrating our babies now turning three, where does time go? It was the first time I had been back since the move and it was bittersweet, on the one hand I feel so much has happened in the four months since we left and on the other it was like we had never left and could slip back into the routine we loved so much. When you move and are faced with starting anew it really makes you appreciate and value the friendships you made, especially in Dallas where I made friends with mum’s who were all having their first babies around the same time. I do think it is so fortunate that (where we can) we return to the celebrations and blessings of my friends. Little L had a wonderful time.

If you have been a friend of this blog for a little while you will know that Little L had bought me a subscription to Birchbox. Its expiration coincided with our move and I meant to renew, something in the back of my mind had encouraged me to see what other beauty subscription boxes there where out there. I was reading through a friends InStyle magazine and I came across Sephora Play! I had no idea that Sephora had branched out into its own monthly subscription service and I did not have to think twice. Honestly I joined the waitlist,  (I am not sure if it is genuinely that or a PR tactic, either way it works.)   So you can imagine my delight when I returned on Saturday and found this black and white box on my doorstep. Well here is my first review. Enjoy.

Have a great week.

Ta Ta for now

TLLx sephora-play-review-fbjpg