Fav Gym Wear for Real Women

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Friday, yes another week bites the dust. I don’t know about where you live but it is still very warm here in Texas, I am lusting after Fall. We are still suffering   living through potty training hell, I make no apologies when I say this is the toughest challenge I have faced in parenting yet. I think we may be seeing glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel (here is hoping Little L does not read this because she will have other plans.) This weekend Mr L is working although we do have a date night planned for Saturday night, I think we will grab a movie and dinner, it will be relaxed (and that is how we like it.) There are so many movies to choose from however, I really want to see The Light Between Oceans I would go as far as to say that is the best book I have read in an age, plus it has Mr Fassbender in it which is a win win. I also want to see the Tom Hanks film Sully, although Mr L is less keen since we are taking a plane soon enough. I will report back on what we choose.

This week has been a week of firsts on the blog, on Wednesday I shared something I never want anyone else to experience,it was very tough to publish but I was overwhelmed by the kind words and messages I received all over social media and email. I am simply happy that it brought comfort to some, resonated with others and more felt it could be used to explain to others how they were feeling. It has been my proudest moment on the blog to date, so thank you. I shall have to be more open more often. Today’s video is another first I am talking about Gym Wear, please do not chuckle into your coffee cups. Since my recent miscarriage I have been trying to find ways to focus on keeping positive, I have found joining a gym, sweating a little really makes me feel better both mentally and physically. I mean those endorphins or dolphins (as Little L calls them) exist. I am never going to be a gym loving, fitness fanatic but I have started a small routine which is helping keep me on the straight and narrow and that is good. So please enjoy.

Happy Weekend


Throw Back Thursday- Britsh Summer

This is the first year in my life where I have not been home for some of the British Summer. Until now I can’t say I had thought of that until I read this article in the UK paper The Daily Mail. I wanted to share my take on all things wonderful about British summer.

Socks and Sandals – sorry but when models can’t make socks and sandals look appealing or cool there is not a “cat in hells chance” of you or I managing it. It’s an absolute turn off, as the article suggests in Britain it is famous that dad’s wear them. Pleased to say that Daddy L never has done and Mr L wouldn’t dare 😜 This is one where my American friends win because they wear they’re socks with sneaks/trainers/tennis shoes and it looks much better. This is not part of a UK summer I miss.

Strawberries and Cream. So British and so yum. Plus it’s fruit so it healthy- right? Reminds me so much of the summer, especially Wimbledon tennis, which Mr L and I used to live a stones throw from. Gosh I can hear that ponk and grunt in my head. Unless you have been living under a rock I imagine you have tried this simple delight. Right I know what’s on my grocery list today. 🍓🍓🍓

Fish and Chips. Oh goodness me, every English person can tell you where they have had fantastic fish and chips. As the article suggests it’s not simply the flavor but the setting which all adds to the flavor. I can tell you the best fish and chips I have had to date were with Mr L in St Mawes, Cornwall. Granted it wasn’t the summer but November, sitting in my car overlooking the stormy sea, goodness me the thought is bringing back happy memories. Salt and vinegar chips, cod and mushy peas. Now my American friends who have been to the UK have been decidedly underwhelmed by fish and chips and I have a theory. Much like all cuisine often the most genuine and tasty is not found in touristy areas, so next time ask a Brit where you can get good fish and chips or pie ‘n’ mash. Goodness I am homesick 😢

Punch and Judy. I can’t think whether I have ever seen one of these in the US (do they?) This is again another British summer institution, if you break-it down the whole thing is abhorrent, basically ugly squeaking puppets where Punch bashes the hell out of Judy.i do think Punch gets his punishment am I right? It’s awful on so many levels, ( I expect that the stories may have moved on from what I remember.) I will confess I would probably stop if I saw it because again it’s part of that traditional seaside summer. The arcades I could take or leave, noisy and indoor and who wants that when it’s actually sunny in Britain.

Tinkly Music and Mr Whippy. Who doesn’t love an ice cream van? The music everything about them takes me back to childhood. Now I like a luxury ice cream vans, and that is defined by whether they carry ice cream Mars. Simple as. Now Mr Whippy was a big deal in my home, a 99er that’s 99 pence not pounds, Britain is expensive but not that bad. On a hot summer holiday day my family would be known to drive around on the hunt for a Mr Whippy van, because Mummy L had to have Mr Whippy. Brother L and I would sit in the back of our steamy (dog stinking) estate nose pressed to the windows searching for the correct van. Passing little kiddies whose mummy and daddies where licking the edges of the come before it dropped everywhere. While we drove from town to town looking for Mr Whippy. It’s a wonder that Bro L and I have grown to such poorly adjusted humans! An Oyster I have not had but will have to try next trip. 🍦🍦🍦

Office air conditioning and the summer cold. Yes to my US friends air conditioning is a fairly rare commodity in the UK. Corporate offices and other newer buildings have it and that is why we Brits are such a productive workforce during the summer. We want to be in the office. As the air is on, we strip off to barely nothing and therefore we suffer with the common cold. Insane and totally British. If you have not stood on a sweaty tube in London in August you have not lived, it’s a must ☀️

Denim shorts and Hunter Wellies. I don’t have much to say concerning denim shorts, not really my thing, think they should remain in the 80’s along with dungarees. Hunters on the other hand are now quite the fashion item, I have owned a pair most of my life being a country gal. I remember Hunters when you could only get them in black, green or navy. I am proud to say I own a pink and red pair now! They are comfortable and practical and should be covered in mud. I’m not sure I will ever get used to seeing people in them on a rainy day in a city – but it is sensible. Since festivals unless literary are not my thang, I am not so familiar with this summer concept.

Bangers and Buns. Sorry UK but nobody grills and BBQs like the US plain and simple.

Navy, red and white. Colors of the flag and my fav color combo. Devine.

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Yes The Great British Bakeoff will be back, fab show. If you don’t own a Marry Berry cookbook you should. She is an institution. For my American friends you might know Paul for other reasons. (Cough.)

Pimms and Cider. Yes please. For my US friends who have not had a jug of Pimms let me know and I will sort it out. Lovely long summer afternoon drinkie. Gosh Pimms I miss you.

Parks and men with no tops. Should be banned. It’s never the men you want topless so I am going to petition for a new law, to stop this cruelty.

Euro and pop. Little behind of music scene these days, although who doesn’t like a bit to bop to cheesy pop?

Pub and Garden. Homesick, the pub is a British institution and the ability to sit in a garden in the summer for more than 90 seconds is wonderful. So British and so fun.

Sunshine and Rain. The weather is so terribly British, it dominates much conversation. It was Jane Austen who wrote “keep your comments to the weather or the state of the road.” This rings true still. Rain is part of us and I feel like I have forgotten what it’s like.

So I will spend the next few days dreaming of home! Have you been? Did you like?


Im off to book flights

Ta ta for now