Life Update

Howdy Y’all,

Today I am sharing with you a life update, so please enjoy. If you would like to donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort, please click on one of the links below.

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Hurricane Harvey 3

Howdy Y’all,

Just a quick update on today, last night we received notice that we are on a voluntary evacuation, of course that would be fine if the roads around us where not flooded and we could evacuate. Based on maps of the flood plain, projected rainfall and our position in the sub-division we are a little hopeful that water might not make the house but it is very close. I am not going to lie this is scary and I did get upset last night, not only for my family but for all those touched by bloody Harvey. I can not emphasise enough the vulnerability you feel. It made me think about all the things that have been happening in the world recently, in particular terrorism and racial disputes. The interesting thing about nature is that it is all-powerful and it does not discriminate for race or religion. We would be wise to consider that sometimes. One positive is that is forces people and neighbors to come together regardless of race, gender, religion and sexual orientation and help support one another.

We have rain forecast for the foreseeable future and they are suggesting another 3-5ft which is crazy town. I see another storm on the East Coast is brewing and am thinking of them. I attach some photos of my walk with Gertie today, honestly I know it is selfish but I was going stir crazy inside so the opportunity for some air was welcomed. Again thanks friends who have reached out and those who have contacted my family for info. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

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Hurricane Harvey 2

Howdy Y’all,

Today I am going to keep this very brief we are safe and still have power we are incredibly lucky. The conditions here and in Houston have deteriorated considerably due to the continual barrage of rain. When I say rain I mean rain. It is very hard at the moment not to glue yourself to the news and see the terrible conditions that others are suffering. Roads around us are flooding and our back garden on the lower ground is beginning to flood but we are not experiencing the several feet of water that Houston residents are suffering. What makes this worse is that we are said to have this continual down pouring and flooding till Wednesday. Whenever I have seen natural disasters I have been fortunate enough to empathize with it but am removed, this is different. I feel involved and wish I could do more to help. If you feel as I do and would like to donate to the cause and help those whose lives have been altered immeasurably by the events of the last 48 hours you can follow this link to the Red Cross there you can select Hurricane Harvey, every donation large or small is greatly received.

I attach some photos and videos if you are interested. We are touched beyond measure to everyone who has reached out, that also goes for people who have contacted my family to check in. It has been scary and we are blessed to know so many good and kind people. I am not sure how much I will post this week, I am sort of in two minds, it seems so trivial will all that is going on and I am not sure what position we will be in tomorrow. I will see how things are. Currently I am thinking and praying for those who are suffering.

Thanks friends,