Spooky Safety

Howdy Y’all,

How are you? It is nearly the weekend and one of  the remaining ones before Halloween. I never want to appear preachy or press my ideas on people who have taken the time to read my posts. I do want to share with you when I find or discover something I think is profound, interesting or more importantly concerns safety. Whatever your personal circumstance most of us have kids / grandchildren / nieces / nephews / close friends children who will be looking forward to dressing up and going trick-or-treating this Halloween.

In addition to pumpkin-carving and decorating, Halloween preparations often include a trip to the store to pick up suitably scary costumes for the kids. The choice of costume will no doubt depend on a few criteria, but how many of us would take the time to think about safety before making the purchase?

Last year, a famous TV presenter’s daughter from the UK was seriously burned when the cape of her witch’s costume ignited as it came into contact with a candle. The mother describes what happened in this video, including how difficult it was to put out the flames despite their best efforts. I know that none of us would ever want to be in that position, so please make sure that your little one’s fancy dress is made from a flame retardant material.

This of course is not only restricted to children, we can all get immersed in the merriment of the occasion and not pay attention to what we are doing. So I want you my reader to be as safe as possible and therefore have a fantastic time. This video has certainly made me review what my family will be wearing this season.

Enjoy your weekend.

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High Five Monday – Loving October

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Howdy Y’all,

Happy Monday! How are you? Good weekend? Mine was really fab! Pampering, time with friends and family equates to a LL happy weekend. The cherry on the cake was arrival of a cooler front in Texas which brought with it temps of 70 and 80 which was wonderful. It was well-timed arrival as we welcomed October (can you believe that?) October to me is a wonderful month. Where I live it is finally cools enough to feel like Autumn, it also brings the change of colors and it is the quiet before the storm of November and December which are so busy! It’s all about harvest, and appreciating the land. I love to be outside enjoying the fresh air. Today on the blog I thought I would share what I love about October. What do you love about October? What have I missed? Get in touch.

  1. Sips. October brings such variety in the drinkie area, we start to transition back to warm coffee and travel mugs. (LLL my Starbucks gold travel mug) It also starts the pumpkin spiced coffees which I must admit are not my thang but all my friends love. My friend has written a great blog post on pumpkin coffee, check it out. For those of you who like an adult drinkie, October brings the world-famous Oktoberfest, and many other mini versions all across the world. I am quite sure every town and city will have something related. The beer and cider companies all celebrate by creating pumpkin spiced beverages, which are delicious.
  2. Slippers & Sweaters. Yes cozy time, the cashmere can come out, you want to remove your feet from boots and place them in warm slippers. You can wrap up in knit-wear and go out without sweating. YAY! Dont get me started about throws and blankets!!!
  3. Scary. Yes Halloween time. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I am not crazy about Halloween but I do enjoy the decoration and preparation of a holiday. I love that it is a start of a new tradition with Little L. We have been sorting her costume and reading all about the fun of it all.
  4. Sports. Yes you are to be amazed that this made the LL list. It is not really for me more for Mr L and my friends, but I am slowly getting more into American Footie and October is a good month because the season is well underway. For my UK friends the footie and rugby season are well underway as well. For TLL it means Mr L is happy to stay in and watch footie so I can go out and have a few gal nights (win win!)
  5. Senses. Yes the smell, sounds and sights of October are amongst my favs. The smell of Bed, Bath & Bodyworks candle Leaves captures October in a smell. I’m probably crazy but I also love to go outside and inhale the fresh (crisper) air of October it always smells good. Especially here, the sounds of October I enjoy, you can hear kids playing in the park or street, people blowing leaves, washing cars and chatting. All signs of life and people coming out of their sweaty hibernation. With sights other than the obvious beautiful color changes, October brings the new TV seasons, something to cuddle up to with a cozy blanket as the nights draw in. TGIT Yay!!
October Loves x
OctoberLoves x

So these are just a few LL loves. Drop me a comment let me know what you like!

Enjoy Monday.

Ta ta for now,