Daddy’s Day Delights – Gift Guide

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Happy Hump Day. This week I was chatting with a group of friends who were discussing their husbands impending birthdays. I heard a lot of “what should I get?” I was relieved that this problem is shared amongst women I know and perhaps many more?? I consider myself a thoughtful gift giver. I do try and give consideration to what I purchase but I always find men difficult. I particularly find gifts for men of Mr L’s demographic difficult, by which I mean men who work so hard, that they have little time to exercise let alone have a hobby. The little free time they do have they dedicate to spending time with their family and loved ones. I do get stumped when in comes to Mr L, I don’t want to buy him another tie or shirt, and although he loves such gifts they don’t surprise of excite him the way he deserves.  I hit a home run for his birthday with the 23andMe the genetic testing which he loved but now we have Father’s Day approaching and whilst Mr L will love the homemade card, we do like to spoil him sometimes and I want to help Little L pick out something great. Here are a few of the ideas I have thought of and wanted to share in hope to inspire some of you:-

Beeropoly A fun board game which men would love to play. Great for parties or game nights. Could play together or just men, either would work. It has super reviews. A fantasticT addition to the games collection.

Fitbit There is a Fitbit to suit all levels and budgets, if your Father/husband/partner is anything like mine then working out is a challenge, this at least allows them to monitor how many steps they are taking and motivate them to take a stroll from their desk.

Aspinals of London Travel Wallet The quality of the leather products are gorgeous and a travel wallet would be a gift that would last a lifetime. It would suit any age or traveler. They come in a variety of colors and leathers. Beautiful gift.

BBQ Grill Kit Tis the season to start grilling/bbq. What a great gift for the dad’s in your life. Don’t all men think they are the Jamie Oliver of the grill? I have bought these for the men in my life and they have all loved it.

Motivational Bottle One thing I do know is that Mr L doesn’t drink enough water, especially in the climate we live in. He also loves measures and statistics so I think this gift is one I could get him into. Infact I don’t drink enough water so this is one I need. This is such a fab idea would suit any daddy.

The Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker For the man who likes cooking this is a great gift. It is such a male gadget for the kitchen, plus you get some yummy food out of it (hopefully.)

Some other ideas I have thought of are Trunk Club a personal styling website which seems to cater for all levels of sophistication, this might be a great graduation gift also. Does the Daddy in your life like a tipple? The Tasters Club might work for you, it sends a different bottle each month. For a Whiskey loving husband this might be a fit. They cover a variety of spirits so perhaps take a look. A massage is another option, all men deserve some r &r. I attach some links of my previous gift guides for men here and here, check them out if nothing inspires you here.

I have not forgotten what Father’s Day is all about, celebrating the men in your life who guide and shape you. I just like to offer you some inspiration for Father’s Day, birthday’s or just to spoil them.

Hope it helps, let me know.

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All I want for Christmas Gift Guide – Men

Howdy Y’all,
Happy Thursday. How’s your week going? I am enjoying the cooler weather of Texas and am frantically writing lists for lists as the holiday season approaches. I am continuing my holiday gift guides. Today I am tackling men (what image that conjures up 🤗.) I find gift buying for men near on impossible, what do you buy a guy like Mr L who has everything? 😜 So here are some of the gifts I have purchased or been inspired by for the men in my life. Have you any great ideas for gifts for men? Please get in touch.


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1. Everyday Superfood Jamie Oliver Jamie Oliver is very appealing to male cooks, his no nonsense, fun and easy going approach to cookery makes him a hit. He is also not top show, he can cook and his recipes are simple and tasty. Any of his cookbooks would be great for the gents in your life.

2. Jo Malone Cologne I can not say enough good things about Jo Malone, I have been a fan of her fragrance way before the bandwagon. I can’t tell you how excited I was when she started making cologne. It’s a beautiful gift and a fragrance unlike any other. Who wants to smell like anyone else?

3. Montblanc Pen These are beautiful. Elegant, classy and last a lifetime. Suit both men or women. A wonderful gift. Great for a graduation or new job.

4. Aspinal of London Leather Travel Set If your men are travelers, there is not much more luxurious than a travel set made in beautiful leather. It helps keep you organized and looks elegant. These can be embossed with your initials. Super gift.

5. Aspinal of London Leather Hip Flask If your man likes to play golf on a cold winters day. Or he just likes to carry a hip flask, then this is a great pick. This can be embossed and will last a lifetime.

6. Whiskey Tasting Aroma Kit If your man is anything like Mr L and likes whiskey than this might be a win. It’s a great idea for a whiskey night and they can drink and learn about a favorite tipple.

7. Poker Set While whiskey tasting they can be playing poker. A classic gift that a man should have in collection for those impromtu games nights.

8. BBQ Kit It seems universally acknowledged regardless of climate, men like to BBQ or Grill. This gift has been a hit for all the men in my life regardless of age, a lovely box to store it all in and all the gadgets and gizmos you would ever need to grill chicken.

9. Bose Nose Cancelling Headphones Mr L loves these, whether you frequently travel or just want to enjoy the football undisturbed. These are quality. They really make such a difference. Another great gift.

10. Liz Earle’s Ulitmate Men’s Collection Few men in my experience want to admit they take care of their skin. Even fewer want to have a million lotions and potions to use. Liz Earle’s men’s range is all botanical and good. If you want your man to take better care of his skin give this a try.

1. Maglite Mini Men like to be dependable in a crisis, so why not help them be organized and this would be a great start. Love these and a mini version, great for the car, pocket or tool box.

2. Lego Architecture Big Ben What man doesn’t like Lego? If you have ever woken up on Christmas morning to a household where a young boy is getting a Lego spaceship or ship it is all men regardless of age who are all eager to get stuck in and help. In our house Little L is just starting on Duplo so to curb Mr L’s Lego habit I have bought these. They are quite beautiful when completed and not totally hideous to have in the home. I choose Big Ben for obvious reasons but there is a variety of landmarks to choose from.

3. Origami Sticky Notes Great desk gift, something fun for those long conference calls.

4. Antique Map Calendar Mr L loves maps and he has really started my own interest. They are beautiful especially antique ones. This is a beautiful wall calendar and would suit any sophisticated chap.

5. Tabasco Chocolate I find men like chocolate and many like spice, great combination. This is a must.

6. Zippo Hand Warmer Known for lighters they have now come out with these. Discreet and could be slipped into gloves. Keep their hands warm and perfect.

7. Origins Face Masks I am all in favor of men taking care of themselves discreetly. Origins is a wonderful brand and these suit men or women. Great if your man spends time in the elements or travels.

8. Notebooks All men need these to write down the to do lists given to them by their beloveds. This brand is fantastic, planes, cars, engines whatever your guys thing is they will have a matcho notebook to match.

9. The Art of Manliness Book  A fun gift but secretly educational.

10. A Gentlemans Travel Mug A travel mug is great for a guy on the go. Useful and practical.