Monday Links & Loves

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Monday, how was your weekend? Good I hope! Full of love, fun and memory making. I had a particularly adult weekend as I went out both Friday and Saturday night. I am quite sure it will take me all week to recover. I do love going out and spending quality time with Mr L and friends. It is only that Little L is unaware of our escapades the next morning when she comes bounding in at 6am.  The words mama and papa had a late night don’t apply to her. I recommend the toddler alarm clock it is very persistent and will get even the most stubborn highnies out of bed. Plus could someone please explain to me the psychic abilities children have? How do they know the particular night they choose to wake several times is when mama has chosen to have that extra cocktail and nightcap!

So this week I caved to peer pressure for the first time in my life. A few of my friends have been using and discussing stitch fix, I have always been reluctant to try this service, mainly because I am tall and I love clothes. I have my style but I have noticed more and more with an energetic toddler and more demands on my time, I have less and less time to follow trends and to find particular cute items to add to my closet. So in the name of “blogging research” (that is what I will tell Mr L) I have requested my first fix. I will report back. I notice that they are branching into maternity and petite so why not check them out.

On the clothing front Little L is becoming more and more the diva about what she wants to wear. Although she has an extensive closet for a two year old, if it is not a tutu or a Princess costume from Frozen you have no chance. Luckily tis the season for the tutu and good old Target has not disappointed. If you want a great gift idea for a two year old gal, tutu all the way.

While on the subject of Target I picked up these really cute colorful pens to write in my planner and calendar, because they have to be pretty am I right? These Bic Velocity are really comfortable to write with, don’t bleed and look so cute,I am sure they will be available in all stationers so check them out.

I am not sure whether I have shared with you before but I am not a tea drinker, which is near on treason for a Brit. Tea is in our DNA. I only started to drink coffee a few years ago. I had been reading for a while about this brand in the UK called Tea Pigs and when home at Christmas I thought I would pick up a box and give it a try, and I’m in love with the Camomile. I need to extend the repetoire, you can buy in the US through Amazon and other suppliers, so if you love herbal teas, give them a try you won’t be disappointed. It is an evening ritual for me now, it’s only missing a chocolate hobnob and my life would be complete.

It is the Academy Awards this evening, honestly I don’t get to follow film like I used to, I am not sure I have seen any of the main movie contenders (how life has changed!) I do love to watch them, mainly the arrivals, and the fabulous dresses, hair and makeup. I love the glamor of it all, I hope Leo does it this year, he has always “been the bridesmaid never the bride.” This could be his year 😉.

I made this meal last week, it was a complete hit, even with Little L. It’s a great week night meal, it requires one pot which means less mess and it is easy enough to prep and cook in sufficient time to all sit round the table together. We try and do this as much as possible, I think it’s so important. I love budget bytes as a site to use for dinner inspiration, go take a look.

Speaking of supper I must finish before Mr L and Little L start moaning about where supper is. Have a great week.

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Friday’s Fashion Fall Edition – Toddlers at Gap

Howdy Y’all,

I can not believe that we are nearly out of August! Fall/Autumn are around the corner, which means change of season and change of wardrobe. I will be bracing myself once again to squeeze into my jeans but more exciting, purchasing some new fashion items for Fall. With a toddler that means a whole NEW set of clothing and I always try where possible to get Little L a capsule wardrobe (where items interchange.) I also like to see what shops have on offer and make my decisions based on what will provide the best value, and quite often with children’s clothing it’s not always the cheapest. I have often found the items I have spent more on, have held up better, been worn more and therefore provided the best value. Since I have not done a toddler specific post I wanted to dedicate todays post to the new season for toddlers at Gap. I am not sponsored by Gap and these are my own choices. I do find that many of Little L’s staples come from here and that the clothes really hold up well to a toddler lifestyle. Although I do not have a boy I have also included some of my likes in this seasons collection. So if you’re looking for items which wash well, are hard-wearing, modern, stylish, practical and age appropriate look no further than some of my top picks below!

Happy Viewing

Ta ta for now.


Fall Gap Goodies for Toddlers 

Boys Spooky eyes sleep set

Stripe cuffed pants

Fleece stripe sleep robe

Slim herringbone five-pocket pants

Sherpa mockneck cable sweater

City graphic tee

Warmest puffer vest

Denim mid – top sneakers

Chambray pleated romper

Fleece heart sleep robe

Floral quilted vest

City monument logo tee

Heart sleep one piece

Favorite eyelet socks

Sherpa boots

Peter Pan stripe tee