Life Update & Meet Our New Family Member

Howdy Y’all,

Goodness gracious me it feels like forever since I sat down to write, it has been a while, so sorry. Today’s video gives you a very brief explanation into what is going on at the moment and why I have been a little radio silent. How are y’all? What is going on in your world?


Tata for now,

Kate x

The Alternative Christmas Message


Howdy Y’all,

Happy Friday, are you enjoying the calm before the storm of New Year. Yesterday was the first down day Little L and I had since arriving in the UK and we really needed it. Most of the time was taken reorganizing for the next few days of visiting. I often find this time of year very reflective, you think about what the year has brought you, whether you have met the goals you set etc. I think I can quite honestly say that 2016 has been annas horribilis both personally and globally. I am not one to harp on the negative but try and see light through the dark times and I am making a conscious decision 2017 will be better. This morning while I was reaquaniting myself with the world and global affairs I sat and watched this video. I will reiterate the point I have made about this blog not being political this is not my motivation, but when I come across something which touches me and makes me reflect on humanity and our thoughts and deeds towards others I want to share with y’all. This video was the alternate Christmas message offering created by Channel 4. For those of you not from the UK or Commonwealth, each year on Christmas Day the Queen delivers a message to her subjects about the year, Channel 4 offer another message. This years message was delivered by Mr Brendan Cox, Mr Cox is the husband of MP Jo Cox (Member of Parliament) who was tragically murdered in June. She was stabbed and shot by a man shouting “put Britain first.” Mrs Cox has left behind her husband and two young sons, despite all the hardship and devastation this family has faced Mr Cox delivers to me a thought provoking, articulate and heartbreaking message about the world in which we now live and how we can make 2017 better. I urge you to take the two minutes required to watch the video and to consider his message.

To you my friend, reader, subscriber I wish you a very Happy and Healthy 2017.

Ta Ta for now.


Merry Christmas

Howdy Y’all,

I am writing to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas. I can not express to y’all how blessed I am for your friendship, kindness and comments you leave when visiting my little space on the web. I am so touched that people take the time to read and watch the little content I make. For me Christmas is all about the Four F’s,  Family, Friends, Food and Faith. I am so blessed to have all four bases covered, I do not take it for granted that I am sharing the festive period with much loved family, when you live so far  you learn to appreciate the times you are all together, the same goes for good friends, Mr L and I are always grateful when we can visit friends and pick up where we left off, that feeling of shared experiences and a deep rooted friendship. Christmas is always about excess and good food and wine in abundance,  I never underestimate the hours of effort that go into all that yumminess, Christmas dinner is the one meal I look forward to most all year! Plus who doesn’t like left overs? Finally faith, obviously it is the most important time in the Christian calendar but for me when I visit home it enables me to attend my childhood church and the church in which Mr L and I were married, it allows me to take comfort and renew my faith which after this year I need.

If you are interested in how we spend our Christmas please watch here. However you are planning to spend the next few days and whatever your traditions and customs  I send you and your loved ones warm wishes for a very Happy Christmas.

Ta Ta for now,