November Favorites 2016


Howdy Y’all,

Trust your Thanksgiving was full of family, friendship, fun, great food and thankfulness. We had a wonderful day with great friends, the only Debbie Downer is that I have been down with a chest infection which has seen me slowly deteriorate since Thanksgiving. I was not going to let a little sickness keep me from Black Friday, but alas I had game at the start but by lunchtime poor health and crowds had me beat. I think I am over the worst, it is days like the last few when I really feel the distance from family. It would be great to be able to have my mum care for Little L so I could crawl back to bed. Hey- Ho I am still here. I have been lucky to have good friends who have helped me out. I hope to share with you some of my Black Friday finds, although the majority of my buys came online. We did manage to get a few Christmas decorations up this weekend and I will share some photo’s with you soon. I really love this time of year and I really need to be operating on all cylinders, so more drugs for me. The video is about my November Favorites, it covers lots of things I have loved this month, like The Crown, have you seen it? I adored it. What did you think?

Thanks for the support.

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Friyay – Links & Loves

Howdy Y’all,

Yay it is almost the weekend and I am not sure where this week has gone?!  What is it about this time of year but during the last quarter time appears to speed up, who else feels like that? I don’t wish to scare you but someone told me this week that it is ten weeks till Christmas. (Wth?) This season is always the busiest with Halloween, Little L’s birthday, Thanksgiving and then Christmas, so being as organized as possible is always important to me. My new Emily Ley planner and Rifle calendar are already getting populated for 2017 and my current ones help keep my life on track. My parents kindly gave me some money for my birthday and I decided to use on this. FabFitFun has had wonderful reviews and will certainly being reviewing here.

I found this lovely jeweler recently I like her collection. So pretty.

I bought these this week and am so impressed. They made muffin baking so much easier and Little L loves the rainbow colors.

We are still waiting for Fall here in Texas, well my friends in Dallas tell me it is cooling down there just not in Houston. I am excited to wear plaid shirts and booties I got a taste of cooler weather on our recent trip to New England, goodness it is so beautiful. So I am waiting with eager anticipation.

We have date night this weekend, we tend to always opt for a movie, which I love. Has anyone seen The Accountant or Girl on the Train? I loved the book and I love Emily Blunt but I am unsure about the US setting as the book is set in the UK and not sure how they will make it work.

Happy Weekend Y’all

Ta Ta for now


All I want for Christmas Gift Guide – Ladies Part One

Howdy Y’all,

How are you? I’m ok, but it has been very busy here. I have had visitors and Little L just turned two, (I am still recovering emotionally and physically after a toddler party!) I can hardly believe as I write this that we are half way through November and the holiday season is rapidly approaching (far quicker than I would like.)  If you have been visiting my site for a while, you will know that I love the holiday season, especially now that I have a daughter. I want to absorb and enjoy all the magic of the season. The only thing that can have me a little frazzled during the season is gift giving. I love to give gifts, but I do have lots to purchase and it’s important that people like what they receive. Whilst I appreciate that gift lists make the whole process much easier, I do feel that they can remove some of the magic. I like a gift to be a treat; something that the recipient might not need but will use or enjoy. There is no art to gift purchasing and with less and less time available for us to peruse the grand offerings I am going to offer you some suggestions and thoughts on the blog this week. I will be displaying a wide selection, but I do ask you to take these more as general ideas rather than specific product suggestions. In case you do like some of the featured products, I have linked all the images and made sure that they can be bought internationally or something similar sourced locally. I have also tried to cater to a variety of budgets. Even some of the pricier items will have a less expensive alternative, for example notepads can be purchased from Dollar Tree/ Pound Land or Smythsons.

Do you love to give gifts? Do you have people who are really difficult? Men I often find the hardest and I will share some suggestions for them later in the week. I may ask for some assistance from Mr L.

It is good to be back.


Ta Ta for now

TLL xx


1. Macbook Pro. This has to be the Aston Martin of laptops for bloggers, internet shoppers and computer-loving ladies. Versatile, lightweight and allows you the flexibility to work on the go or whenever you get a spare moment. They also look stylish and sophisticated. A real treat.

2. Rifle Paper Desk Pad. This company produces the most beautiful stationery, all women I know love stationery of all kinds. If like me you have a toddler removing notepads from your desk or you’re always looking for a scrap of paper to write on, then this might be perfect. Beautiful and useful.

3. Frends Headphones. Headphones designed for the lady. They look incredible and would be a welcomed gift for any lady. The colors are beautiful. Love a product which is stylish and functional.

4. Rifle Paper Notebooks. A Lady can never have too many of these, even if she is an electronics addict. So useful and beautiful.

5. Anthropologie Gold and White Mug. I feel like every photograph I have seen of a desk I like has had this mug or a similar one with pens being held in it. So pretty. It would also be wonderful to put coffee in.

6. Ringly. I have blogged before about my Ringly. For the busy lady who does not want to miss an email, text or IM again. You don’t have to have your phone in hand with this. Plus the craftsmanship of the ring is stunning. It simply looks like a beautiful piece of costume jewelry. A variety of colors and sizes available. A stylish must.

7. Target Desk Lamp. Good old Target, they never disappoint with some of the items they design and their price point. Although some might not think of a lamp as a gift, this to me is so stylish any woman would love it.

8. Aspinal of London Business Card Holder Quality company and quality product. Who wouldn’t want a stylish item to hold business cards in? These come in a variety or colors and you can have initials embossed. A lovely gift.

9. Rifle Paper Calendar. So many calendars on offer but every busy woman needs a stylish place to keep her life on track and Rifle Paper produce some of the prettiest calendars on the market.

10. Emily Ley Simplified Planner. Love these, keeps my life on track. All women need a planner and Emily’s are beautiful.


1. French Linen Napkins, Amazon. One can never have enough napkins and I love the simple clean look of French Linen. Beautiful gift for anyone, male or female, also as a hostess gift. You could be ultra kind and have family initials embroidered into the corner. So elegant.

2. Spiralizer, William & Sanoma These are all the rage, especially if you want to watch your carb intake and want to increase your vegetables. I have heard so many good things about these. Great idea for the cook. Also ideal thing to use to make dinners after the holiday indulgences.

3. Marble Board, Sur La Table. Marble and Copper seem to be all the rage at the moment, and I must be honest: I think this board looks beautiful. It is clean and sophisticated whether for everyday or when hosting guests. Plus a great price point.

4. Floral Tablecloth, Kate Spade, Bed Bath & Beyond. Who does not love to brighten their table with a tablecloth and Kate Spade has some wonderful linens out. A great gift for any age.

5. KitchenAid Empire Red, Nespresso. I have to admit when I saw one of these in my local Nespresso  store I went a little weak at the knees. If you are a coffee lover and have not had Nespresso, go and try it. I must admit I have never loved their coffee machine designs before, a little modern for my taste, but I love the retro look of this one. Great coffee and great style and win win. A treat gift that will keep giving.

6. Thermal Travel Mug, Kate Spade I am getting more into these, especially as I need more and more coffee to function. I love the idea that you can carry it around and keep it warm. Trust Kate Spade to produce such a pretty one. Any lady would love to receive such a beautiful and functional present.

7. Nocturne Cheese Board, Anthropologie I was so impressed when I entered Anthropologie this season, the gift offerings for women I think are amongst the best I have seen. I loved lots and lots in their range. I have picked a few things including this cheese board. What a pretty board to pull out when you are entertaining.

8. Moscow Mule Copper Mug, Target I mentioned earlier that Copper is having a come back and I am seeing these cocktail mugs around everywhere. I thought this price at Target was brilliant and again a great hostess gift or gift for the drink lovers amongst us.

9. Raised Bloom Measuring Cups I am on the lookout for new measuring cups and these are really beautiful. Cooking and baking should be functional but pretty as well. These would be wonderful gift for the baking enthusiast.