Happy Easter – Making Memories

Howdy Y’all,

Happy hump day! Hope you are all doing well. It is Easter week which I can not really get my head around as it is so early. I feel it has crept upon me, that might be because I have my brain full of other things. If you have been following the blog for a while you will know that I can be a  bit sanctimonious about making memories. I am not sure if it is  because I live far away from family or I am simply a traditionalist but I want to create traditions and memories that Little L can carry into adulthood. I am not sure if it is a British thing but every Easter particularly when I was small I remember making egg nests, this is a very easy tradition I wanted to pass onto Little L. We love to bake, Little L and I. Tbh many of the recipes we have tried to date have relied on me being a hawk eye, mainly because they contain eggs and Little L has a wonderful habit of trying the recipe at every stage. (Although I grew up licking the bowl of raw cake batter which contained eggs and have lived to tell the tale- just!) This recipe contains none of those challenges and is so easy I followed no recipe just created by eye.


Chocolate, I used two bars, one milk and one white, mainly because that is what I had and like.

Butter, about two tablespoons.

Syrup, if in UK you could use golden syrup if in US I used Blue Agave.

Cereal, I used frosted flakes, you could use rice crispies, whatever you and your littlie like.

Cupcake cases, roughly a dozen.

Mini Eggs, tis the season and they are yummy.


Brake the chocolate into small pieces, I let Little L do this in a zip lock bag with a rolling pin. (She was in heaven.)

Place the chocolate and butter in a glass bowl over a saucepan and let it simmer and melt. (Make sure that the bottom of the bowl is not touching the top of the water.)

While the chocolate is melting, place the cereal in a separate bowl, I measured by eye. You want enough cereal so that chocolate covers it when mixed. I don’t like the mix too rich so I added a little more cereal.

I then told Little L that the most important part of the recipe was to mix the cereal with a spoon continually, this is a great way to keep them busy and if a sneaky hand peeks in for a taste, what trouble can they get in to?

Once the chocolate mixture is melted, I added about one tablespoon of syrup, this helps the mixture stick. I then mixed.

While the syrup is warming in the mixture I asked Little L to place twelve cupcake cases into a muffin tin. (Great way to test number skills!)

Once the syrup/choc mix is well combined, remove bowl from heat and pour into cereal mix. Obviously this requires an adult but once the mix is added Little L loved mixing.

Once well mixed, you then spoon the mixture into the cases, pressing down hard, if possible press harder in the center so the sides are slightly raised (like a nest.) Then place three mini eggs in the center. Your littlie may insist on spoon licking.

Then place the tray into the fridge for about 20 mins. The trick is to get the tray into the fridge before your littlie gobbles all the mini eggs.

After twenty minutes, serve and enjoy. They look so cute and kids love them.


chopped choc
Preparing the chocolate, the self-discipline required not to nibble I don’t have – sorry!
Head Chef
The head chef – she is a hard task master
Choc and butter melting
Melting pot
Side profile
Preping the nests
Head Chef skillful mixing
Yummy mix
Personally I don’t like the mixture too chocolaty because it can be a little rich. This for us was perfect.
Essential taste testing
Product pre eggs and fridge
The final result – so cute


Happy Easter
Got to love Target and their Easter décor
Love Her
Call me a proud sous chef, but how cute is my head chef? Plus who wouldn’t want to make memories with a happy smiling face like that?

This is such a simple but fun afternoon activity why not give it a try?

From the Lifestyle household to yours, Happy Easter!

Ta ta for now.


Monday Links & Loves

Howdy Y’all,

I hope you had a good weekend? I was feeling a little under the weather but am now working towards fighting fit. The weather here was a little bleaker than the week, which makes me feel a little sympathetic for Mr L as the weekday weather has been superb.Lots of fresh air and park time.  I think most people who live in Texas will tell you they soak up as much of this time of year as possible before the heat of the summer arrives. I had to do a double take this morning when I saw the rapid speed at which we are approaching March and the early Easter. In the UK it is customery to give and receive chocolate eggs for Easter, a tradition which is less popular here, baskets are more of the done thing. I have to say I got Little L’s here and the selections are beautiful.

One of my NYR for 2016 was trying to read more, I am a Lit major so reading is in my DNA, although it is something I seem to do less and less of. I want to make a conscious effort to read in those five minutes before my head hits the pillow and sleep engulfs me. If you are a mother of an overactive two year old you will get my meaning. So this week I managed to read What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty  it was a page turner and easy read which is precisely what I was needing. I hear it is being made a motion picture soon. It was not as good as My Husband’s Secret, but worth a flit. On the reading front at the hairdressers this week I picked up Oprah’s magazine and actually was highly impressed. I was not expecting to be the intended audience (not sure why? Maybe because I had never seen her show!)  I found myself interested in many of the articles and recipes. So if your standing in the grocery line sometime pick it up and shoot a glance.

I can not believe that last week was Love Day (our name for Valentine’s which we stole from Daniel Tiger- toddler.) Mr L was very sweet and purchased me some lovely items. One gift in particular is beautiful and useful which is a win win in the Lifestyle Lady handbook. Tory Burch collaborated with Fitbit and produced some jewelry covers for Fitbit. I do not dislike the Fitbit standard bracelets when you are wearing workout gear but honestly I was not keen on it when I was in more smart/casual attire and this allows me to do both. I have had several compliments on it this week and wanted to share! Mine is the brown leather and gold, it is super pretty and there is no excuse not to monitor my steps now so thank you Mr L.

I mentioned earlier that the weather has been warmer here and therefore the big decision has been warm/iced coffee (champagne problems I know!) My dilemma is that I like my coffee black, espresso or americano and what appears to be happening is that coffee houses are placing warm black coffee over ice and calling it iced. If you have ever tried this don’t it is disgusting. So anyone have a good iced coffee recipe or shall I forever drink my coffee hot?

If you have read this blog for a little while (if that is you THANK YOU.) You will of course know it was Mr L’s birthday last week, one of the most interesting gifts he received was 23andME, what is that I hear you say? It is a genetic testing kit which will tell you all about your ancestry and health traits. Mr L is a science boff and this was right up his alley. He completed all the required documentation and sent back and we are currently avidly waiting the results to learn all about his ancestry. So interesting and fun. I want to try.

Mr L and I are restless at the moment trying to discover new TV shows to get our teeth into, any recommendations? We are watching Billions and although the cast is stupendous I am struggling a little. We also rented the movie Truth last night. Cate Blanchett is amazing isn’t she. Certainly worth a watch.

I have gone on to long. Happy Monday everyone.

Ta ta for now,