Fall Favorites Friday – Handbags

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Have I mentioned before my small penchant for all things handbag and purse? Now I am one fussy customer in this field and my passion although expensive is very contained. I don’t love that many bags but when I do I fall hard. Are you the same way? I have some lovely bags, but I am less inclined to use them currently as sippy cup stains and wet wipe marks are not the easiest thing to remove from leather interiors. So I wanted to keep this fairly brief but below are pictures of my dream closet of bags!

Leave me a comment of what I have missed out or other bags I should be salivating over!!

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Dream Collection

Bags from left to right:-

Mulberry Bayswater  I confess to owning two of these. One I bought second-hand and the other a gift and  I can quite honestly say they get better with age. The craftsmanship and the quality of the leather is everything you would expect from a company like Mulberry. I own a few other Mulberry products and have never been disappointed. I would like to own the chocolate color one day, who wouldn’t? Brown is so versatile and I find a more flattering, softer option to the ever popular black. I have used mine so much, it’s small enough to use as an everyday purse but large enough to use as airplane carry on (pre-child) or work bag to carry iPad etc.The design is timeless and would suit everyone. I will use mine for a good while yet and I hope to pass down to Little L, they really are an inheritance piece.

Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote This bag is one of my newest desire, there are many other designers who have similar styles. Tory Burch springs to mind. I really love the look of this Prada bag. So elegant and smart. Would be a great accompaniment to a working closet. I am told the zip compartments hold an iPad perfectly. Not sure how versatile it would be for a young mummy but I could stare at it thinking of a past self. The colors this bag comes in are beautiful also. The blue is stunning. Maybe one day.

Hermes 30cm Cognac Tan Leather Birkin Bag This to me is the bag to end all bags. I am in love with everything about it. It says simply class and elegance. The color Cognac Tan for me also says class and this is the most timeless piece. It’s simply a shame that the price tag is so extreme. A gal can dream or win the lotto.

Chloe Drew Mini Bag This another LL newbie but I love it. To me it’s a more modern-day take on the Chanel classic. It comes in a variety of colors but I liked the cream. Would be a beautiful evening bag or summer bag. I love the gold accessories.  It is a small bag but looks like it could hold a little more than a credit card. Do hope Chloe will keep this style around for some time yet.

LV Neverfull GM The perfect tote, comes in all LV prints. Timeless piece. Great size and could be the excellent compromise piece as a diaper bag, practicality vs style for those mummies who sometimes want to feel a little more stylish. Also great if like me you want to cart everything but the kitchen sink around with you. I do not own one but have always wanted to. If your thinking of investing in a designer bag you can’t ever go to wrong with any of the LV collection.

Chanel Classic Medium Double Flap Bag Similar to the Birkin but more affordable but we are still speaking big bucks. This bag is a timeless classic. I think Audrey Hepburn, Princess Grace, Princess Diana the list goes on of classy women who would have owned a bag like this. To me this is the epitome of evening bags. The gold chain, the quilted black leather and the elegance associated with a Chanel makes this an absolute staple amongst the classy rich and famous. It makes me think of St John clothing and ladies who know what style, sophistication and elegance really is.

Sale Time – Top 5 Beauty

It seems that the vast majority of the US blogs I follow have all gone crazy for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so I follow the mantra, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Now when it comes to sales I try to have a focused approach, firstly only buying what I need, a deal is not a deal unless you need it or can fit into it (does not matter how pretty the shoes or dress are.) Secondly a deal for me is getting higher priced and quality items cheaper, often the best sales products are still expensive but the percentage discount greater.

When it came to the Nordstrom sale I wanted to keep the recommendations concentrated; focus my mind and my spending ;o) (sorry Mr L.) So below are my top five beauty finds. I wanted to add to those reader outside the US, all the brands and items I am suggesting are available internationally. All items I would be prepared to buy at full price and being on sale makes it extra fabulous.

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette I chose this for a variety of reasons, firstly its Chanel and it screams quality, I have loved their makeup since I bought a lipstick with one of my first pay packets around seventeen years ago. (Always been an expensive gal :0) ) So my love affair started then and has continued to date. Secondly I love a travel palette, as a mummy I have found my needs, time and most importantly room in my luggage has decreased significantly. I need compact items with multi uses, and when you don’t have the luxury of carrying individual favs with you, a travel palette of the best quality you can afford is essential. I do not own this particular palette but the colours look fairly neutral, I’m less keen on the mulberry/mauve shade of eyeshadow but I have blue eyes and it would suit green much better, there are a few neutral tones which would work well. Now at $95 this is a higher price point but I feel for the amount of products offered for the price and for the brand Chanel it offers good value for money. LL purchase – a definite maybe.

Jo Malone- Nectarine Blossom and Honey Collection I have loved Jo Malone as long as I can remember and am a little embarrassed by the size of my collection. This fragrance like all the others does not disappoint. In this kit you get the body cream which is heavenly and great for layering with fragrance or wearing alone. The bath oil is to die for, it smell divine and leaves your skin feeling nourished. At $99 again this is on the pricey side, but you get three items. LL purchase – absolutely if I didn’t have so much already. :0|

Laura Mercier Ultimate Luxury Souffle Set I have mentioned in an earlier blog my love for Laura Mercier products, and these are amongst my favs. The body products are wonderful. I do feel that you either love or hate the fragrance of her products, Mr L adores the smell but I will be honest I only tend to wear this at night. I think it will be too much as a day fragrance. The quality of the product and the way it makes your skin feel outweigh my indifference to the smell. Again a higher price point $120 but well worth it. LL purchase – once mine runs out yes.

Bobbi Brown Brush Set  I love all makeup and I know a little about it, it does not mean I am an expert at application far from it. Makeup does however look infinitely more professional and easy to apply if you have the correct tools. Makeup brushes are essential and they don’t get much finer than a collection of Bobbi Brown’s. So if you don’t have any I can’t recommend then enough. They are also make a great gift. At $128 although being quite expensive it’s almost half price and that ladies and gents is a bargain in my book. LL purchase – yes if I didn’t have a full collection already :0)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Set Love Anastasia brow products and am so delighted that thicker brows are coming back in fashion (or I am wishing them back.) These products are excellent and make your brows look natural, thick and healthy. A more reasonable price point of $36 which is good value. LL purchase -Yes

Hope you liked these recommendations. Any beauty purchases you have purchased from the Nordstrom Sale? Get in touch.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale