Essential Makeup Brushes

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Today I share with you a video request from one of my dear friends. I love getting requests and this was such a great idea.  Makeup brushes/tools can be daunting, there are SO many, which do I need?  One thing I will tell you is that the right tools used in the correct way can totally transform how makeup applies, stays and looks. I have never owned a vast number of makeup brushes, mainly because I have researched and invested in what I have needed. I take care of them and with proper love they do last, some of my brushes are nearly twenty years old. Are there brushes I need to try that you adore? Do you have any requests on things you would like me to post about? If so please get in touch I really love to hear from y’all.

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Sephora Favorites Superstar Review

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Firstly I hope you are enjoying the magic of the season and have had a wonderful Christmas. After Christmas is the start of the sale season and lots of great deals are to be had, during the Sephora VIB Rouge sale I purchased the Sephora Favorites Superstar pack, I wanted to review what Sephora consider to be favorites and workhorses in the cosmetics world. I thought this might be useful to y’all if you were interested in any of the items individually or if you wanted to purchase the pack. I will tell you that many of the items I was not that familiar with but have been using thoroughly throughout the festive season and I have found one of two LL loves in the process, in particular the Clinique highlighter and the Tarte bronzer. So sit back pour a drink and enjoy. I will update you with what I have been up to recently very soon.

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Sephora Play Review! October 2016

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Happy Monday. We are recovering from an short trip to Dallas for a toddler birthday party, it seems so shocking that we are celebrating our babies now turning three, where does time go? It was the first time I had been back since the move and it was bittersweet, on the one hand I feel so much has happened in the four months since we left and on the other it was like we had never left and could slip back into the routine we loved so much. When you move and are faced with starting anew it really makes you appreciate and value the friendships you made, especially in Dallas where I made friends with mum’s who were all having their first babies around the same time. I do think it is so fortunate that (where we can) we return to the celebrations and blessings of my friends. Little L had a wonderful time.

If you have been a friend of this blog for a little while you will know that Little L had bought me a subscription to Birchbox. Its expiration coincided with our move and I meant to renew, something in the back of my mind had encouraged me to see what other beauty subscription boxes there where out there. I was reading through a friends InStyle magazine and I came across Sephora Play! I had no idea that Sephora had branched out into its own monthly subscription service and I did not have to think twice. Honestly I joined the waitlist,  (I am not sure if it is genuinely that or a PR tactic, either way it works.)   So you can imagine my delight when I returned on Saturday and found this black and white box on my doorstep. Well here is my first review. Enjoy.

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