Housekeeping – Small Print

by thelifestylelady
Housekeeping – Small Print

To all my readers,

In all my roles I often find that time is scarce, whilst I love blogging I thought it best to share with you that sometimes my posts may contain grammatical errors or the odd spelling mistake. Whilst I try hard to prevent these, my stream of consciousness style sometimes mean I overlook the glaringly obvious. I of course value the beauty of language and the importance of grammar but I ask you to indulge me and overlook the odd error if you should see one and in return I promise to blog as often as my life allows.

I also wanted to point out that none of my posts are sponsored. If that was to be the case I would declare it so.

This is my personal blog, the blog reflects my views, opinions and content and not those of anyone else. As a human being I am prone to making mistakes and errors and I try to take ownership of them. It is a women’s prerogative to change her mind, so the views and opinions expressed at the time the post is written may not be views and opinions I will hold forever.

The information is as seen. I do my very best to ensure that links and information are accurate as I post, but any changes after posting I can not guarantee will continue to be accurate or valid.

In this blog and as a person I try very hard not to hurt, defame or liable anyone. If something in this blog offends you personally please understand that is not my intention and I accept no responsibility for it.

I want this blog to be interactive and I actively encourage comments, positive and negative. I do ask that we treat each other with courtesy and respect. I reserve the right to delete any comment that I deem to be unacceptable in content and nature. Similarly I am not responsible for any comments made by other on my blog. Please do not let this put you off I love comments and if you have a blog or site please leave a link, I would love a nose around!

Thanks for your understanding


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