Daddy’s Day Delights – Gift Guide

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Hump Day. This week I was chatting with a group of friends who were discussing their husbands impending birthdays. I heard a lot of “what should I get?” I was relieved that this problem is shared amongst women I know and perhaps many more?? I consider myself a thoughtful gift giver. I do try and give consideration to what I purchase but I always find men difficult. I particularly find gifts for men of Mr L’s demographic difficult, by which I mean men who work so hard, that they have little time to exercise let alone have a hobby. The little free time they do have they dedicate to spending time with their family and loved ones. I do get stumped when in comes to Mr L, I don’t want to buy him another tie or shirt, and although he loves such gifts they don’t surprise of excite him the way he deserves.  I hit a home run for his birthday with the 23andMe the genetic testing which he loved but now we have Father’s Day approaching and whilst Mr L will love the homemade card, we do like to spoil him sometimes and I want to help Little L pick out something great. Here are a few of the ideas I have thought of and wanted to share in hope to inspire some of you:-

Beeropoly A fun board game which men would love to play. Great for parties or game nights. Could play together or just men, either would work. It has super reviews. A fantasticT addition to the games collection.

Fitbit There is a Fitbit to suit all levels and budgets, if your Father/husband/partner is anything like mine then working out is a challenge, this at least allows them to monitor how many steps they are taking and motivate them to take a stroll from their desk.

Aspinals of London Travel Wallet The quality of the leather products are gorgeous and a travel wallet would be a gift that would last a lifetime. It would suit any age or traveler. They come in a variety of colors and leathers. Beautiful gift.

BBQ Grill Kit Tis the season to start grilling/bbq. What a great gift for the dad’s in your life. Don’t all men think they are the Jamie Oliver of the grill? I have bought these for the men in my life and they have all loved it.

Motivational Bottle One thing I do know is that Mr L doesn’t drink enough water, especially in the climate we live in. He also loves measures and statistics so I think this gift is one I could get him into. Infact I don’t drink enough water so this is one I need. This is such a fab idea would suit any daddy.

The Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker For the man who likes cooking this is a great gift. It is such a male gadget for the kitchen, plus you get some yummy food out of it (hopefully.)

Some other ideas I have thought of are Trunk Club a personal styling website which seems to cater for all levels of sophistication, this might be a great graduation gift also. Does the Daddy in your life like a tipple? The Tasters Club might work for you, it sends a different bottle each month. For a Whiskey loving husband this might be a fit. They cover a variety of spirits so perhaps take a look. A massage is another option, all men deserve some r &r. I attach some links of my previous gift guides for men here and here, check them out if nothing inspires you here.

I have not forgotten what Father’s Day is all about, celebrating the men in your life who guide and shape you. I just like to offer you some inspiration for Father’s Day, birthday’s or just to spoil them.

Hope it helps, let me know.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Howdy Y’all,

One thing I learnt when I moved to the US was that it celebrates Mothering Sunday on another day from the UK which made purchasing gifts and cards difficult. I have overcome this small obstacle and now I have my own American daughter I think I should be entitled to two Mother’s Day who is with me? In all seriousness Mother’s Day is a fabulous tradition where we can celebrate all women who mean something to us. I have mentioned previously that my family are on the move and we will be spending this Mothering Sunday in our new location trying to find a home. Which no doubt will remind me of the importance of being a mother and trying to make this transition as seamless as possible. This post gives some gift suggestions, especially if the man in your life has some influence over gift purchasing. I of course love the homemade card and gift but will leave all of those ideas to people far more craftly gifted than I. So may I be as bold to suggest, sending a link to this article or leaving this page open and placing it subtly on top of the TV remote so you get something special this May. Lets crack on…


  1. Lush Gift Box I am not sure whether I have mentioned about the wonderful Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars that they sell at Lush, they are outstanding. They make bath time all the more decedant and what mama does not need that? If you are new to the brand a gift box like this is a great introduction. You can also go instore or online and pick out your own selections which might be fun for little kids to do.
  2. Satin Robe If you are like me then a robe is a treat, especially one that does not have your toddlers previous breakfast on the sleeve. This is elegant can be personalized and make you feel special. Yes please.
  3. Rose Gold Knot Earrings If jewelry is your gift of choice for Mother’s Day then I expect you want something classic and timeless that will stand the test of time. These I believe fit that order, they are turn on the classic as they are in the fashionable rose gold. Enjoy.
  4. Frends Headphones So I think I may have mentioned these before, they are beautiful. I love the gold and white ones, they are so feminine and every mummy needs a set.
  5. Tote Bag So if like me you love bags then maybe Mother’s Day is an occasion to extend your collection. I often share bags I love but I wanted to share this link. A friend bought me the grey/blue one for Christmas and I was hooked. I also own the brown/coral one, they are reversible, affordable, great size, comfortable and you wont be devastated if a sippy cup spills. I encourage everyone to grab one.
  6. Silhouette Necklace This a new discovery and it all looks beautiful. What mother wouldn’t want the silhouette necklace I want to do an art order after my move.

If none of these ideas do much for you what mother wouldn’t like flowers? Or perhaps a spa voucher? You can never go wrong with a Sephora gift card or a blowout voucher. Have you thought of a gift subscription like Birchbox or FabFitFun. Or you could go down the charitable route of sponsoring a child. Whatever you like I wish you a Happy Mothering Sunday and hope you get to share the day with those you love and whom love you after all that’s what it’s really about.

Ta ta for now,



Spring Break Essentials

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Friday!  You made it through another week.Yay.  So Spring Break is approaching and that for many (usually me) means sun, sand, swimming and Sangria. Unfortunately my family are on the move soon so any exciting tropical experience has been postponed. So to rub extra salt in my wounds I wanted to share with you all some ideas and essentials for that wonderful sunny beach experience. I may have to grab a few of these items so I can enjoy the Texan summer when it arrives.  Anyone going anywhere gorgeous? Do you have some great recommendations of places to go?

Happy Weekend

Ta ta for now



  1. J Crew Panama Hat – Fashionable, elegant and practical. The hat is not too large that you find you are constantly removing it. Looks cute and you are protecting your face from the sun. Keep you looking youthful.

2. Brown Leather Sandals These are beautiful and practical. The color goes with everything.

3. Pretty Beaded Clutch  Love this! If you can not have something pretty and colorful when its very sunny and the sand is between you toes, when can you? In the evenings what do you need more than your room key and lippie? It screams holiday to me!

4.Turkish Towel Less bulky than a regular towel and so pretty. Such a variety of colors and take up less space in your case and beach tote. Win win.

5. Honest Sunscreen The most important item and I like to choose sunscreen which contains as few chemicals as possible. I trusted this brand with Little L’s skin last year and I will do the same with the family once again.

6. Beautiful Evening Sun Dress So many colors and styles to choose from, but every lady needs a killer evening dress for those evenings in tavernas watching the sun go down and for romantic strolls along the beach. This one is so pretty.

7. Cover- Up Kimono  All ladies need a great cover- up for walking to the beach/pool, eating lunch and covering up when the rays get too much. This is pretty and such a good price point. White and blue is so pretty and fresh looking, great for spring break.

8. A great book A holiday essential and this is one of my favs. While researching this for this post, I was elated to see that it was becoming a movie with none other than Micheal Fassbender playing the lead. Wow. Read the book it is a beautiful story.

9. Swim Suit A great one-piece is essential and I love blue, not a black gal (although I should be for slimming necessity!) This is classic but still has a sexy/youthful edge. Would look perfect in paradise.

10. A great tote  A fantastic bag is essential, whether it is to carry lots of items to the beach or for the flight, these totes are amongst the best. They are made from sailcloth which makes them strong and sturdy. They are functional and in such lovely designs.

11. Statement Earrings Earrings of the season and so pretty with summer hair styles. So many colors and styles to choose. A summer must.

12. Lifefactory Water Bottle So important to stay hydrated and stylish and this achieves both.

13. Sunglasses  Sun protection is so important and eyes are no exception. These glasses will have you looking cool and protecting your eyes.


  1. Shirt I am a sucker for a man in a check shirt and all men in shorts with a tan look good in them, regardless of age or stature. So many colors and designs but a good check linen shirt is a holiday must for the traveling gent.
  2. Backpack If your man is anything like Mr L he has to carry a briefcase style bag everyday and is looking for a less formal option when on vacation. This fits the bill, great color and size. It is also functional as it leaves your arms free, to help wrestle children and luggage.
  3. Towel Functional, large and manly.
  4. Shorts Can not go wrong with mens navy shorts.
  5. Sunglasses Like the ladies these are functional and beautiful.
  6. Polo Shirt A classic, variety of colors and styles.
  7. Beach Games When you are fed up with reading and want to play a little to work up a thirst. These beach games are great fun.
  8. Book I am not an expert in choosing literature for men but I find anything by John Le Carre is a hit with Mr L.
  9. Swim Shorts These are fun.
  10. Docksider Shoes Classic and comfortable and look great with shorts, a male staple.


  1. Playsuit I love this, so pretty, great for summer and the beach.
  2. Swim Suit I love the vintage look of this, would look great with a tan.
  3. Beach Towel The hood on this is great, such bright colors and you can personalize.
  4. Kaftan This tunic is super cute and works brilliantly to cover up your little one when they have had too much sun.
  5. Backpack I am a strong believer in “what you bring you carry.” So I like to encourage Little L to carry her things and these backpacks are fantastic. Lots of sizes and designs available.
  6. Beach Toys I bought these for Little L last year for spring break and she has loved them, reasonable price, lightweight and can be carried in your suitcase.
  7. Hat Protecting your little one from the sun is essential and a great hat is so important. I have found these work well and they come in a variety of sizes and patterns.
  8. Dress These are so beautiful and look wonderful on little ladies.
  9. Sandals  Little L had these last summer and I will buy her more this year. The quality is fantastic and so useful for the beach.



  1. Swim Shorts Love the color and style of these.
  2. Backpack Such an appropriate pattern for the beach. Let them carry all their junk in style.
  3. Polo Another classic which will never date and looks great on the beach.
  4. Shirt Smart and fun, told you I like check.
  5. Towel Such a fun pattern
  6. Beach Toys Just showing my Brit side with a cricket set. I had one growing up and it was so well traveled.
  7. Shorts Love these are the color. So fun.
  8. Sandals  Love these sandals in navy or brown for boys. Super functional and classic.
  9. Hat It is so important to keep their faces protected from the sun and this is so cute.