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Howdy Y’all,

This is a very quick post to say hi and howdy to all the new people who are following The Lifestyle Lady. Welcome. I started this blog a few years ago my intention in this small corner of the web was to share things which motivate and inspire me. I am bowled over every time I receive a new notification to say someone else has joined the tribe. I want this space to be positive and interactive, I am genuinely delighted by comments, emails and dialogue with y’all. It has been thrilling to call people friends who I have been introduced to by their kindness and effort in following the blog and when I look at geographically where all my followers are from it is amazing.

For those who have been here a while you might find this dull but I wanted to take a small amount of time to re/introduce myself. I am Kate a mid-thirties Brit who finds herself (due to no fault of her own except honoring those little things called marriage vows) deep in the heart of Texas. Different areas of Texas have been my home for the last five years and I have lived in other States. I can honestly say that my life is not as I imagined it would be say ten years ago and I have spent much of my married life realizing that certainty and planning are great in theory but life can throw you a boomerang at the slightest turn. So Texas is my home and where my daughter Little L (Little Lifestyle) was born and is being bred. Mr L (Mr Lifestyle) is the reason why we are living in this swampy idyll a million miles from the green and pleasant land of my youth.

Mr L and I have struggled to expand our brood in the conventional sense so our second offspring comes in the form of a 44 pound Goldendoodle called Gertie, who to date is famous for not only being cute but for having a penchant for eating my underwear. (No joke.) Gertie named after my grandmother because I couldn’t do that to my daughter she would never speak to me again, appears often on the pages of this blog or on Instagram!

I don’t find it easy to write about me and for those who have followed for a while may know more about me through the way I write than what I have told you directly. I am a straight shooter, never been one to mince the words. I am a Christian please do not ask me to explain, not because I am embarrassed simply my faith is innate within me and is something I feel rather than articulate. I am a little sarcastic so I beg of you please do not be offended by what is often intended as humor, I am not the type of person to offend or shock for reaction. I try hard to be a good person and treat others as I would wish to be, I feel this ever the more acutely as a mother. I am motivated by fairness and injustice and I an advocate of standing up and being counted, as demonstrated by being elected to political office at the age of 24. I do feel if we all moaned a little less and contributed a little more, the world would be a better place. Similarly if we were a little kinder, a little fairer and a little more tolerant, we could change the world, why does human nature feel the need to attack often what they do not understand? I love to laugh and believe a good belly laugh can cure so much. I set myself way too high expectations but if I didn’t I would be bored and I am constantly criticizing myself for failing.

So welcome, I am always open to ideas and suggestions of things you would like to see here, if you are a new follower please get in touch or leave a comment I would love to know more about you. In case you are not sure the howdy y’all is a tribute to my new Texan roots and the ta ta for now a touch to Britain. Anyway friends, happy weekend, someone told me there was some small wedding happening tomorrow so I might have to give it a watch. Watch this space because I am sure there will be some commentary about the what/when/how/why or the whole shebang plus a best/worst dressed of the day.

Happy Friday Friends.

Ta ta for now




Life Update

Howdy Y’all,

I am happy to welcome some new followers to the posse, you have no idea how happy it makes me to see new followers joining the gang so thank you. It is strange sometimes where you can get inspiration or focus from, today my motivation came from the Sunday School message we were teaching. The story was Luke 10 38-42 where Jesus visits Martha and Mary, Martha is too busy in preparing the home, making food and her guest comfortable where as Mary had prioritized sitting and listening to Jesus. As I was discussing this with 5th and 6th graders (age 10-12 for my non American friends) I became aware that I was Martha. I get swept along in life and don’t prioritize right it was a sort of epiphany. I need to take better care of doing things I enjoy and that’s this blog and you. I can not promise how often but I want you to know your appreciated more than you know.

Life here is busy we have been skiing which if you follow me on Instagram (if not why not?) you would already know. We are getting geared up for my brothers wedding in London soon and are taking a vacation either side. That is beyond exciting. My parents have been for a visit which was super fun, they were beyond helpful with the garden (hope to share on the blog or in a vlog soon.) They had fantastic weather and even got to use the pool, not sure the UK will be so generous to us when we return next month. Gertie turned one, my baby is growing up, she is not eating quite so many knickers which is a blessing, but she is a joy to our family. Although I wish she would stop barking at the pool flamingo floatie.

Little L is growing up too fast, she got into a great school near us and she starts Pre-K in August, I am beyond proud but she can be challenging. I blame her father – lol. She is an independent bundle of fun, she has moved into a big girl bed and I have changed her room a little (blog post soon!)

I am finally getting the house together although there is always things to add, it is a bottomless pit and it keeps me pretty busy. I recently changed my car and I am getting used to that, it is amazing how quickly things change and you forget. I couldn’t end today without mentioning the state of the world, it has been preoccupying my thoughts a great deal. We learn nothing from history and I am praying for peace.

I am challenging myself today to pick up the camera and start a weekly vlog, so watch this space, as ever I love to hear from you all so contact me.

Ta ta for now



Feminism, My response to the Bafta dress

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Monday, trust your weekend was good. Today I am sharing a video I have filmed and uploaded today, this is in response to the heavily critical and in my opinion wrong comments on HRH Duchess of Cambridge’s gown color choice at last nights BAFTA’S. I am trying something new here on TLL where I share a little more of my personal view on matters when they stimulate a reaction. This is in hope you will gain a deeper more genuine and authentic look into the person I am. This issue is personal for me and I wanted to share with you how I felt. I hope you enjoy. Please comment and share your thoughts even if you think I am totally wrong, (lets just keep in polite.)

Have a good week.