Friday Feelings

Howdy Y’all,

I thought I would share with you my Friday Feelings, this will be on a variety of things from products I’m loving or lusting after to news events or popular culture. It is a roundup of my thoughts, loves and loathes for the week.

  • I am loving the Winter Olympics. I am not the most avid sports watcher which is as good as treason when living in Texas, but there is something about the Olympics which has me hooked, I have even enjoyed the curling. I often feel that these people who work their socks off and train their lives away to represent their country should get a little more recognition. Lets face it how many Olympians go on to become ambassadors of sport and culture vs some TV presenter who is famous for being on a reality show or a singer who is famous for covering records. I do feel sometimes culture has lost its way. I love that despite the state of world affairs countries can come together and compete. I’m drawn to the anti millennial vision the Olympics uphold that there are winners and losers because my friends that is a true reflection of life, we are not always winners. My only disappointment is that it over so quickly.


  • I am going skiing for a few days next week and other than a day visit to man-made snow in Virginia I am a ski virgin. Friends so kindly invited us and I really want Little L to learn so we put caution to the wind and accepted. I am nervous and skiing is an expensive sport, you need lots of basic equipment that is essential. If you have followed me for a while you will know I like the slightly nicer (sorry teacher) things in life, but to be forking out big money for ski boots when if I hate skiing the likely hood of them getting any further wear seemed a pretty large pill to swallow, until my friends I came across these  and they were a little over $30. I am not usually a proponent of copies and was a little dubious of the quality but I received them last night and was delighted. They are just what I needed. I ordered Little L a pair of ski boots with a draw string top for $15 and again they are perfect.71Gp8KEmxuL._UY575_
  • The Royal Wedding is approaching fast, and at first, I was very excited, and to some extent I still am. I was an advocate for Meghan. I have been a fan of hers and her work within the UN for some time. I am glad that she and Harry have found on another. However, I have been decidedly underwhelmed by her public appearances since her engagement. Tuesday saw the Princess to be and HRH Prince Harry in Scotland, I was very disappointed by her appearance, her trousers looked way too long and dragged onto the tarmac, her tartan coat which was a classy nod to Scottish heritage swamped her, her hair appeared messy and unpolished. Now before I get accused of being anti-feminist, and people write who cares what she wears, I answer simply this, she is becoming Royal, a figurehead, and ambassador or our country, the Commonwealth and the HRH The Queen where ever she goes. Her role is so very different to that of an actress or social advocate. Hear me, Meghan is a beautiful and elegant woman, but there are protocols to being royal, if they lose that sense of decorum, regality, and courtliness they become common place and I would hate to see where that would lead. It has given me a deeper respect for the HRH Duchess of Cambridge who always looks polished and elegant at events, another young woman not raised for this role but who has embraced it. One must remember that on Tuesday Scottish people will have waited outside (in the freezing weather) for many hours for Meghan to arrive and how she appears and the way she looks matters. If this appears negative to Meghan it is not; she would make a trash bag look good which might be why I was so shocked and surprised that courtiers are not assisting her better. I am thrilled that a woman of her education and experience is joining The Royal Family, just please tailor your clothes (you can afford to!)


  • A friend introduced me to this Revitalizing Lip Balm by Neutrogena it comes in a variety of shades and is very affordable around $8. It is so nourishing and comfortable on the lips plus it is drug store!!


  • I have also started a Lent Bible Study this week, I honestly rarely mention my faith here on the blog but I find the discipline of taking time for myself learning and being alone with God very therapeutic. If you would like to join me there is still time here is the link.
  • I could not finish this week without mentioning the shooting in Florida, there are no words. In my opinion we must tighten gun control and improve education. My point here is not to comment over the atrocity but to simply express my disgust in the way the media handle such events. The 24hour news culture of course brings an aggressive approach to stories and gaining new information over competitors. I get that. My problem is when networks exploit peoples grief to gain viewings, it is abhorrent. I have seen close family members and school friends of the victims interviewed and my friends it was wholly inappropriate. If audiences need to see that to react to the heinous crime because they are desensitized to the visual images, then we have much bigger concerns. Please can we go back to a little more sensitivity.

I told you it would be a mixed bag, I hope you enjoyed the post where I am a little freer! Enjoy your weekend!


Sephora Play All Stars


Howdy Y’all,

Happy Friday, congratulations for making it through another week, time is moving at an insane pace, how is it possible we are in mid- September already? Well you all know what a mad fan of Sephora Play I am, well occasionaly they offer there All Stars box which for $10 extra gains you some samples of wonderful products and brands. Here is my review, grab yourself a little drinkie, a G &T would do me nicely thank you. Please enjoy, any questions/suggestions please get in touch.

Happy Weekend Friends,


Summer Hair Survival

Howdy Y’all,

Today I am going to write about my summer hair survival. Hair is a topic which is one of the most requested. Most importantly managing and caring for it. I am blessed with thick hair, and I mean thick, it has a natural curl/ wave, and when you live in a place where the humidity is hellish, you learn pretty quick what works and what doesn’t. The easiest thing sometimes is to scrape it up high off the back of the neck and leave it, and there are times that it precisely what I do. I am not a hair expert, but I have noticed that as I mature and live in different climates, my hair needs have changed. My hair does require a little more TLC especially as it is exposed to sun, humidity, and chlorine. Since we are in the height of summer at the moment and many Europeans are still to go on there vacations I will share some of the products that I love this summer and that have helped my hair stay in excellent condition. I have tried many, and I am all about keeping it simple, less is more and have found the following to be workhorses.
1. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo. This is relatively new to my regime; I have been using for only several months. I was reluctant to try due to the hype and honestly I liked the shampoo my Dallas hairdresser recommended. I have found that I need to change my shampoo sometimes seasonally or annually, I am not sure if it is hormonal or different water types but I feel my hair gets used to shampoo and it is not as effective. Pureology does come in a variety of versions dependent on hair type, but I jumped for hydrate because that is what my hair needs. Since it is color treated, hydration is essential. I find the thickness of the formula means I don’t need too much and one wash can get my hair clean and my roots in particular. If you are not sure what hair type you are then this would be a good one to start with.
2. Pureology Hydrate Conditioner. This is lovely. It has a pleasant minty smell. It is stronger than just a scent because you feel its cooling effects on your hair when you massage it in. It does make the hair/scalp tingle a little, so if that is not your thing, this may not be for you. I love its soothing qualities especially if my scalp has been exposed to too much sun. If you are someone with slightly thinner hair I would recommend using just on the very ends of your hair. If your hair is more like mine, thicker, color treated and exposed to more summer elements like chlorine, sea, or sun I would be a little more generous with the application, your hair and scalp can thank me later.
3. KMS Hair Stay. This is an anti humidity spray, and you may remember me mentioning this last summer.  The product has had a cosmetic makeover, and the packaging is different, I am happy to report this still works great. After I have styled my hair I spray this on top much like hair spray. I would spray instead of as I am not one for heaps of product, to me lots of product often means more frequent washing and with so much hair and with a sensitive scalp that is not productive. I can honestly tell you that this stuff does work as a barrier and notably stops the dreaded FRIZZ! I have also found that using once a day is enough.
4. Briogeo Rosarco Milk. One thing I have found benefiting my hair this season has been a leave in conditioning spray. I discovered this gem from my Sephora Play box. Have I mentioned how much I love that subscription?! I have fallen for this; I use it on both mine and Little L’s hair. It is light like milk so doesn’t leave the hair heavy or greasy. I use on dry hair every evening before bed and throughout the day when I remember to. It has a lovely fragrance which is a winner who doesn’t want the hair to smell good? It also works great as a detangler so if you find the summer makes your hair a little knottier then this is also a winner. I also spray it in my hair before swimming so that it helps a little.
5. Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Masque. Using a hair masque for me is like one for the face, essential and a good discipline to get into. I also find that it makes my hair more manageable. I am currently using this and I like it, now I have found hair masques which are good, this is one, Kenra is another, plus hot oil treatments are fantastic too. I am also a big advocate of olive oil or coconut oil in the hair although both require a lot more care in removal so that the hair is not left greasy. If my hair is very dry or feeling unpleasant I have been known to abandon the masque in overnight or in my hair while I am outside in the heat. The sun helps it penetrate. Although this masque I would recommend it is the discipline of masqueing I encourage.
6. Moroccanoil Treatment. Last but not least this product is a cult classic for a reason, I have tried the dupes and other alternatives but honestly they don’t come close for me. A few pumps of this liquid gold on the ends of my hair when damp is a lifesaver. I even use on Little L I don’t use on dry hair I don’t find it efficient, and it gets messy, but if I run out or forget to add to my ends I notice.
So that’s my Summer Healthy Hair essentials. I do use other products when necessary like blow drying or styling but honestly, I try to keep additional heat exposure to a minimum. These six items have helped me keep my hair feeling good. Other things that I use dry shampoo I tend to use year round and are not summer specific, and honestly, I try to avoid that in the summer months. I do have a remarkably sensitive scalp and often suffer from psoriasis and have found these products have helped combat it. What products do you love? What works for you? I have had a request for a hair styling video and I am working up the courage to film that.

Thanks for reading.

Ta Ta for now,