Howdy Y’all,

Happy Friday, wow this week has flown by, yesterday I took a timeout and went for a little pampering. I love a facial and it would be my desert island beauty treatment. A facial can transform your skin and how you feel. When your a mum or have a busy life making time to have a little pampering is often difficult so you want it to be good. My thoughts on those who don’t like facials is you either haven’t found the right treatment or the right person. It is that simple. I have come out before feeling a little let down by the money taken and the result and that is not a good feeling. So when you get the right combination keep it up. I have wanted to try a HydraFacial for an absolute age but hadn’t had the time or inclination to do the research, well now I have.

What is a facial?

A facial is a multi step beauty treatment for your face conducted by an esthetician. A facial generally includes cleansing, exfoliating ,extracting, masking and nurturing the skin. The objective is to assist with skin concerns which can be a wide range from skin complaints like acne or rosacea etc. to anti-ageing with a primary focus on creating clear, clean and hydrated skin.

Why Facial?

A good facial is an essential part of an effective skin regime. It clears pores in a way cleansing at home can not , diagnoses skin issues which can change with age, climate and lifestyle. A skilled esthetician can help you with a skin regime suited for your skin type. The lights and equipment make them able to see your skin at a microscopic level and assist in diagnosing issues and guide you on effective products more than a person at a beauty counter. Finally they can perform extractions properly, whether it is blackheads (we all have them,) milia or regular spots they can assist in their removal without scaring and no God awful pore strip in sight.

How Often?

A good facialist will say to see great results you should visit them monthly and honestly that is not always practical financially or schedule wise, so my answer is get them when you can. An annual facial is better that no facial, plus they make awesome gifts.

Why HydraFacial?

A HydraFacial is a  new gentle treatment, it is the latest offering in non laser skin resurfacing. It combines cleansing, exfoliating, extracting and hydrating products into  your skin. It does this with the use of a small machine with high suction which works like a vacuum. The suction absorbs dead skin, clears and extracts blocked pores. The HydraFacial is effective for all skin types including sensitive skin and can assist and treat all skin needs and issues. It leaves you with clearer, cleaner and more beautiful skin with a limited recovery time.

My thoughts and results.

After doing lots of research and reading reviews I decided to visit a med spa within walking distance of my home. I was not disappointed, my esthetician Heidi was a lady older than me who had terrific skin, looked and dressed well. I always feel more comfortable when the person performing procedures looks like I would like to. She was not heavily made up with too many procedures and her professionalism in her work was similar to her appearance, excellent. She was incredibly knowledgeable and careful. I really appreciated the time she took to explain each step of the procedure and she  did extra extraction without the machine (removed a few of those beastly milia.) The extraction pain was minimal discomfort. The whole procedure was painless, it is not as relaxing as other facials mainly because of the noise of the machine but that did not concern me as I could feel the benefits. I got particular satisfaction from the machine extraction because it feels a little like a scrubber on a saucepan and I knew it was cleaning and clearing those pores. At times I could feel my cheeks flushing in particular and you will see that in the pictures below, that is expected for me as I have sensitive skin and slight rosacea. Heidi talked me through and explained how I could change and add to my regime to help with the issues. I was pleased to hear she felt my regime was working very well and that my skin was hydrated with minimal lines. All the hard work is paying off, I enjoyed chatting through some of my skin care concerns and how I felt my skin had changed since we had moved to the more humid climate of the Houston. One thing I found remarkably satisfying is to see the dirty liquid sucked from you face, I enclose a photo for those of you mad enough. The sediment is things stuck in my pores – gross. As I left my skin felt warm and I did have redness, but my skin felt glowing and it never felt dry or tight. The redness went down very quickly and I attach photos immediately after, after about an hour where you can see some dried skin cells on my face and then about two hours later when I had washed my face and reapplied sun screen. I am writing his approx six hours later and my skin feels clean and wonderful. I can’t wait for the next one!

Before the procedure, my skin was looking a little dull, tired and I had some minor congestion.
A closeup on a problem area, milia, sun spots and pigment.
The gunk taken from my face, Heidi is highlighting the sediment.
The color of the extracted liquid
The amount of liquid
My face straight after the procedure. Lots of redness in the cheekbone area.
About one hour after, you can see a few dead skin cells and white stuff left on my face.
A closeup after treatment, still a little red but it is glowing and looks cleaner and more hydrated
Picture about three hours later, after I washed my face in cool water and added sunscreen, Thrilled with the results. Skin looks cleaner, fresher and more hydrated. I could almost pass as 50- lol.

Have any questions please get in touch. Have you tried a HydraFacial? Have I inspired you. It is so important to take care of our skin.

Happy Weekend Friends.







My Summer Makeup Refresh

Howdy Y’all,

So we are experiencing record temperatures early this summer in Texas. Last week my car was reading 108oc and we are only in June. This heat combined with my daughter home for the summer means that I have a slightly different lifestyle and therefore requirements of my cosmetics. If you have followed me for a while you will know that I am a fan of reviewing your cosmetics routine at the start of every season, after all you don’t wear the same clothes in winter as you do in summer so why would you do the same with skincare and makeup? As I mature I am noticing that my skin has very different needs in each season and how I respond to this can really change how my skin looks and feels. Whether you are like me and live in unbearable heat or are about to enjoy a summer holiday  I wanted to share with you some of the holly grail products I have found which are quick (who has the time?) sustainable in the heat and do what is required.

Even if you follow my strict policy of wearing sunscreen at all times, your skin tone changes during the summer months. The vast majority of people will drop at least one shade in foundation and concealer. So it is always worth checking, the wrong color can be ageing and nobody got time for that!!!  The need for a full coverage foundation is not necessary in the summer, unless you have blemishes  you have to cover. The summer is time to celebrate our skin tone and its beautiful to see freckles, a light BB or CC is perfect for the vast majority in the summer.

Like the winter, the skins exposure to extreme elements like heat, humidity, sand, salt and air conditioning to name a few really alters your skins texture. Often you will think your skin is greasier as you sweat and perspire (we all glow) but actually more often than not your skin is actually dry and dehydrated (combination skin.) For me my skin can not get enough of hydrating products and I lean much more to cream products in summer. It is only my finishing powder which is a powder product. I think that dewy cream finish is lighter for the summer and gives a more youthful glow (who doesn’t want that?!)

Here is what I am using and loving this summer.


Supergoop Serum 

  • If you take nothing more from this post than this, sunscreen is the most important thing you can do for your skin, it should be applied everyday rain or shine. I am a strong advocate of a separate/stand alone sunscreen application even if your face product contains SPF.
  • I love Supergoop, it is not heavy or sticky and absorbs into your skin. I find it works well for most sensitive skins.
  • Supergoop only make products for skin protection from the sun which I thinks speaks volumes to the quality.

Clarins SOS Primer

  • This is not essential but it diminishes redness for an even looking skin tone. I find in the sun the red pigment of my skin can come through and this helps.

It Cosmetics CC Cream

  • This is a fantastic CC cream, it gives good coverage and has strong lasting power even when in and out of the pool.
  • It also contains an SPF 50 which combined with a separate sunscreen will provide you a high SPF coverage.

Bobbi Brown Serum Concealer

  • Regardless of season this is a LL love. When exposing your skin to the summer elements the serum inside the concealer gives added moisture to the eye area which is nourishing. It prevents that dried and cakey look that some concealers can.

Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Stick

  • In the heat I can not be bothered to do elaborate eye makeup. I want to apply something easy which will hold all day and I find these are brilliant.
  • They come in various colors and both matte or shimmer.
  • They don’t require brushes which make them fantastic for travel.

Beauty Counter Volumizing Mascara

  • I spend much of the summer either swimming or sweating. I also live in an area where allergies/pollen are rampant, as a result I find by the end of the day I am wearing most my mascara on my under eyes.
  • I did feel that in the summer months I wanted to find a more natural mascara. I have been trying several items in the Beauty Counter range and I can honestly tell you I have been very impressed with this mascara. It is a little dryer in texture and therefore requires a little more work in application but it lasts well and I have no fall out. It also feels good to think that it does not have any nasties or chemicals near my eyes.

Beauty Counter Color Pinch Cream Blusher

  • I mentioned earlier that during the summer I prefer cream products. I was looking for a cream blush and decided to try Beauty Counter. I have been impressed, highly pigmented, beautiful packaging and has strong longevity.

NYX Wonder Pencil

  • To all mums and tired people everywhere, regardless of season this is a must. Place this along your waterline and you will look like you have had 8+ hours sleep.

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel

  • Eyebrow grooming is essential. This tints, fills, grooms and lasts all days.

Beauty Counter Sheer Lipstick

  • Great variety of colors and buildable.

Beauty Counter Lip Gloss

  • Great glosses and all natural.

Supergoop 100% mineral setting powder

  • Love this product, it is a finishing powder with SPF. It sets your makeup and prevents shine. The wonderful design with retractable brush means it is easy to carry with you and you whip out reapply and remove any shine or add SPF.
  • It comes in a variety of shades or translucent like I have.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

  • Been bashing on about these for an age, great shade range, so comfortable and nourishing. Plus they contain SPF.

NYX Illuminating Stick

  • These come in a variety of shades and add a slight highlight to your face, plus so affordable.



Here is the picture of me with the makeup on!

summer makeup)

So any products your loving for summer? Would you like me to do a post of facial sunscreens? The other thing to remember which is almost as important as sunscreen is to double cleanse. Even if your not much of a makeup wearer, you are of course wearing sunscreen and it is important to remove that correctly and get your skin/pores very clean. Another issue for summer skin is bacteria, I find I am more susceptible to breakouts, with all the elements and sweating so a very strict skincare regime with DOUBLE CLEANSING is essential.

Ta Ta for now,


Friday Feelings

Howdy Y’all,

I thought I would share with you my Friday Feelings, this will be on a variety of things from products I’m loving or lusting after to news events or popular culture. It is a roundup of my thoughts, loves and loathes for the week.

  • I am loving the Winter Olympics. I am not the most avid sports watcher which is as good as treason when living in Texas, but there is something about the Olympics which has me hooked, I have even enjoyed the curling. I often feel that these people who work their socks off and train their lives away to represent their country should get a little more recognition. Lets face it how many Olympians go on to become ambassadors of sport and culture vs some TV presenter who is famous for being on a reality show or a singer who is famous for covering records. I do feel sometimes culture has lost its way. I love that despite the state of world affairs countries can come together and compete. I’m drawn to the anti millennial vision the Olympics uphold that there are winners and losers because my friends that is a true reflection of life, we are not always winners. My only disappointment is that it over so quickly.


  • I am going skiing for a few days next week and other than a day visit to man-made snow in Virginia I am a ski virgin. Friends so kindly invited us and I really want Little L to learn so we put caution to the wind and accepted. I am nervous and skiing is an expensive sport, you need lots of basic equipment that is essential. If you have followed me for a while you will know I like the slightly nicer (sorry teacher) things in life, but to be forking out big money for ski boots when if I hate skiing the likely hood of them getting any further wear seemed a pretty large pill to swallow, until my friends I came across these  and they were a little over $30. I am not usually a proponent of copies and was a little dubious of the quality but I received them last night and was delighted. They are just what I needed. I ordered Little L a pair of ski boots with a draw string top for $15 and again they are perfect.71Gp8KEmxuL._UY575_
  • The Royal Wedding is approaching fast, and at first, I was very excited, and to some extent I still am. I was an advocate for Meghan. I have been a fan of hers and her work within the UN for some time. I am glad that she and Harry have found on another. However, I have been decidedly underwhelmed by her public appearances since her engagement. Tuesday saw the Princess to be and HRH Prince Harry in Scotland, I was very disappointed by her appearance, her trousers looked way too long and dragged onto the tarmac, her tartan coat which was a classy nod to Scottish heritage swamped her, her hair appeared messy and unpolished. Now before I get accused of being anti-feminist, and people write who cares what she wears, I answer simply this, she is becoming Royal, a figurehead, and ambassador or our country, the Commonwealth and the HRH The Queen where ever she goes. Her role is so very different to that of an actress or social advocate. Hear me, Meghan is a beautiful and elegant woman, but there are protocols to being royal, if they lose that sense of decorum, regality, and courtliness they become common place and I would hate to see where that would lead. It has given me a deeper respect for the HRH Duchess of Cambridge who always looks polished and elegant at events, another young woman not raised for this role but who has embraced it. One must remember that on Tuesday Scottish people will have waited outside (in the freezing weather) for many hours for Meghan to arrive and how she appears and the way she looks matters. If this appears negative to Meghan it is not; she would make a trash bag look good which might be why I was so shocked and surprised that courtiers are not assisting her better. I am thrilled that a woman of her education and experience is joining The Royal Family, just please tailor your clothes (you can afford to!)


  • A friend introduced me to this Revitalizing Lip Balm by Neutrogena it comes in a variety of shades and is very affordable around $8. It is so nourishing and comfortable on the lips plus it is drug store!!


  • I have also started a Lent Bible Study this week, I honestly rarely mention my faith here on the blog but I find the discipline of taking time for myself learning and being alone with God very therapeutic. If you would like to join me there is still time here is the link.
  • I could not finish this week without mentioning the shooting in Florida, there are no words. In my opinion we must tighten gun control and improve education. My point here is not to comment over the atrocity but to simply express my disgust in the way the media handle such events. The 24hour news culture of course brings an aggressive approach to stories and gaining new information over competitors. I get that. My problem is when networks exploit peoples grief to gain viewings, it is abhorrent. I have seen close family members and school friends of the victims interviewed and my friends it was wholly inappropriate. If audiences need to see that to react to the heinous crime because they are desensitized to the visual images, then we have much bigger concerns. Please can we go back to a little more sensitivity.

I told you it would be a mixed bag, I hope you enjoyed the post where I am a little freer! Enjoy your weekend!