Social Distancing – What Does It Mean?

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

How are you? These are strange times, with the 24 hour news culture it is difficult to escape from the constant information being thrown at us about Covid 19. I had until Thursday been calm and collected, keep to the facts Kate I kept reminding myself, but in 24 hours school was closed, church cancelled and people were stockpiling. Words like quarantine and social distancing were being banded about. As a rule follower I wanted to understand what is it we are meant to be doing? You know humans and our ability for self deception we can convince ourselves that anything is ok, but the one thing I have discovered in the reading I have been doing is how we behave in the coming weeks/months will have a direct impact on the pandemic. I looked at many articles which were either to scientific or too preachy, the best I found was this entitled:-

Social Distancing: This Is Not A Snow Day

If like me you want to understand better I found this very useful. I will be trying to follow these principles the best I can. What are your thoughts?


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