Holy Hand Cream

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

How are you? Or is that a crass question at this particular time? I don’t know, I feel that my usual calm measured approach is inappropriate given the fighting I witnessed in the canned goods aisle of my grocery store today, or that they have extended my daughter’s Spring Break another week. I am unsure what it says about me that I found the usual mundain trip to the grocery store fascinating, and not simply because people were fighting over toilet roll (I didn’t think issues with your innards were a consequence of the dreaded Covid, but alas a lady stopped me to say there was not a roll to be seen in a 15 mile radius, imagine how they coped in the World Wars.) I was more struck by what people deem to be essential goods worth fighting for in times of panic; and to my delight/ relief and then later perplexment, I found all I needed. Rest assured, if like my family you eat pasta of the whole wheat variety, the shelves were well stocked. Similarly, if you prefer organic chicken come to my local store you will not go hungry.

One consequence of this now-pandemic Corona virus is the new phenomenon of…. wait for it… WASHING YOUR HANDS. The hysteria in the hand wash aisle does make me consider what the hell did people do before? Then I quickly think it is best not to ponder. I did blow a young couples’ mind today when I politely suggested they look in their underwear drawer for that old bar of soap your granny gave you for Christmas, which someone told you makes your undies smell good. Why not fish that out to use, or alternatively use washing up liquid/dish soap, shampoo, or body wash? That’s when I saw the lights go off. I do wonder if millennials know what soap is for? My daughter always looks bewildered when we visit my parents and finds bars of soap instead of liquid dispensers. Less plastic waste I remind myself. This brings me to the end of my ramble and the point of the post. Let’s pretend that we are not new to the handwashing experience but we are simply increasing the amount of times we are washing, I definitely am. If, like me, you buy your handwash for the fragrance and the beauty of the bottle, then of course you have to buy the accompanying hand cream, and in the natural way the wash finishes and maybe only one third of the hand cream has gone. With variety being the spice of life I seldom want to buy the same handwash again and of course I cannot have a mismatch of wash and cream, which Mr L does not understand and I think is bloody obvious. Please let me know if you are one of the poeple who uses the handcream everytime their hands hit water? In all seriousness the handcreams are usually rubbish and find themselves in the garbage.

I have suffered with eczema and other delightful skin conditions all my life and changes in the environment bother it most. Increased washing casuses dryness and red patches especially under your rings where product and water tend to sit. My mother was only complaining of said issue this week and my lightbulb went off to share with y’all TLL essential hand items to get us through the next months:-


Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream

Best drug/grocery store hand cream by a country mile, cheap and very hydrating. It does leave a film on your hands which is not uncomfortable and keeps hydrating for a long period after application. You can also buy the cream in the tub which is richer in texture. You can buy this everywhere and it is well worth having several in your handbag and car.


This is a treat and it looks gorgeous on your nightstand. Like everything Chanel it exudes quality and you won’t be disappointed, it has little fragrance and leaves the hands feeling nourished and hydrated. My only bust is with the amount of hand cream I am using at the moment I prefer to use this last thing at night. Also note that this is the “texture riche”, they do a less intense version but for me this is the one. Apparently the packaging was designed by a NASA engineer for optimal comfort. I will leave that with you.

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

I would argue that Kiehl’s are one of the best brands of body care you can buy and the hand cream is one of the finest. If you wash your own dishes or garden (heaven forbid) then I would argue this is a must. A solid price and a stocking filler for all.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Protectant

There is not enough time for me to write about why every person should have this in their repertoire, if you have been a follower for a while you will know that I consider this a holy grail product. Scars, chaps, burns, eczema, dryness – in fact all skin conditions – this stuff is a little tube of wonder. It is magic and Elizabeth Arden’s best selling product. The stuff is so good they have never changed the recipe since its creation in 1930. The other wonder is a tube will last forever. I am never without one in my purse, it works supremely on lips, eyebrows, elbows and children’s boo boos. Just ask my mama, she had red soreness from washing her hands, applied this and voila, major improvement. Bite the bullet.

So there we go, something for everyone. Please don’t let your hands get sore, give one of these a try, you won’t regret it. Here I am just helping the war effort. Please keep as well as you can and remember WASH YOUR HANDS! (and moisturize afterwards)

Kate x

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Kyleen March 13, 2020 - 9:35 am

Great post! Will now see if Amazon will deliver😉😀

thelifestylelady March 14, 2020 - 9:09 am

Yes let me know! They should be! Good old Amazon.


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