Making a Floral Centerpiece

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Thursday, hope you had a wonderful July 4th to my American friends, it was quite the washout here, which was disappointing we often enjoy the parade (it was cancelled.) It literally rained all day. Last week Mr L and I celebrated our wedding anniversary, eight fun filled years, Mr L informed me that it was pottery, he did this while surprising me with the most beautiful porcelain bowl. As I begin to share my home with you, you will learn about my passion for china and the colors blue and white. Mr L hit the jackpot with this present. I knew the bowl would take pride of place on my dining table and although it looked beautiful I knew it was goading me to try my hand at making my own floral centerpiece.


So Beautiful
A Pattern Close Up


Firstly I knew that the easy option would be to take it to the florists and ask them to plant something stunning in it, I also knew if my idea went tits up then I could fall back on that plan. Secondly I had considered buying a fake arrangement but that would have to be online and although I am not against faux flowers they have to be the most exquisite quality otherwise they can look cheap and I hate not being able to see or touch them. Thirdly both options are bloody expensive and I felt I could have a go. So for Queen and Country I jumped in and I share with you what I did.

What I Used

  • An extra large beach towel, so not to dirty the floor. (You will see why later.)
  • Potting Mix for Orchids. I used the coarse blend.
  • A black bin liner/ trash bag to line your bowl of choice.
  • Clips to help keep liner in place
  • A bowl to collect old soil.
  • Orchids (the amount is dependent on your bowl size.)
  • Moss to cover top of bowl (not in picture.)
  • The centerpiece bowl (not in picture.)
  • A sixteen month Goldendoodle puppy (not necessary at all, wanted to be involved she was a total pain in the butt, but God she is cute.)



  • Take the bin liner/ trash bag and with one of the bottom corners place it in the bottom of the bowl, making sure the corner is centered.
  • Then pull the bag taut over the sides and clip. (You will have plenty of excess.)
  • Next use scissors to cut and remove the excess. Leave a few inches below the clips on the outside you can tuck this in later.





  • You now take the Orchids out of their packaging (this is where the bowl comes in.) Orchids tend to be packed in mossy/damp soil which needs to be removed carefully to expose the roots.


  • I then semi lined the bowl with the potting soil about half full.
  • Next I positioned the Orchids where I thought they would look best, juggling the roots is quite complex as they are shallow and bulky and alter placement.
  • It is important to view the Orchid placements from all angles.


  • Carefully fill the rest of the bowl with the potting soil, I did this by hand to ensure all roots are covered.
  • It is quite fiddly because you have to make sure the Orchid leaves are not trapped.
  • The leaves get dirty/dusty from the soil so I used a paintbrush to clean them up.


  • I then used plant twine to pull the Orchid close to the rod so it is upright and looks neater. Orchids can drop with the weight of the bloom.
  • I prefer to use twine and then cover with florists tape in the color of the stem, looks better.
  • The Orchid clips I find are not as effective at holding the plant straight.
  • Then you remove the clips, you can either cut the remaining excess or tuck it in as I did (neater edge.)
  • Finally you add the florists moss on top to give a  professional look (who am I kidding?!)


  • I then placed the arrangement on the table and admired my amateur work.


I am actually quite pleased with the result and certainly doesn’t look bad when in situe and your not looking too close. Plus it saved me several $100.

Have you done anything similar?

Ta Ta for now.


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Kyleen July 5, 2018 - 9:56 am

Love this TLL! I did something similar with a smaller bowl and orchids. You can’t go wrong with Trader Joe orchids either. Mine bloomed for 2 months before I had to replace them. Love The look of fresh flowers and the pop of pink too!


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