Delicious & Easy Weeknight Dessert

by thelifestylelady

DessertBreakDownHowdy Y’all,

Today I wanted to share with you a LL little secret a dessert I have up my sleeve for those weeknights when guests are coming or your family demands or deserves a little treat. I love a dessert which tastes scrummy, can be adapted and is a little healthier than a slice of cake. I got inspiration from Mr. Jamie Oliver (thank you) and modified it to suit what I have in my pantry at the said time. The idea can also made healthier if necessary. I love cheesecake and find the biscuit base the best bit (never understood NY cheesecake.) I do however in the week want to eradicate the butter required to make that crumbly bottom, so I thought what would work as an alternative and granola sprang to mind. Granola is so versatile, perfect for breakie or as a snack but this provides a great base, plus depending on the granola you bake or buy you can use one with nuts, seeds, and dry fruit. Next, I add a dollop of heavenly curd, and this can be of your choosing, this time I chose lemon, but lime, raspberry, rhubarb or any other fruit curd would be delicious. Curd works well with the granola and is also scrumptious with yogurt. Then I add fruit, this again is personal preference, but I would recommend something which compliments the curd of choice. The piece de resistance is the topping which I use mascarpone, but you could use crème fraiche. I place in a bowl add a teaspoon of vanilla essence, and a teaspoon of icing sugar give it a good mix and voila a yummy topping. If you were looking to lighten things up reduce the amount of topping or use yogurt. If mascarpone is not your desire, you could use clotted cream, cream or ice cream. The versatility of this dessert is what makes this a winner. It always feels more sophisticated to present these in martini glasses, it also means you have greater portion control, and if you have dietary requirements, you can make to specific desires. I have also made this in sundae glasses or mason jars; they always look super cute! You can make these ahead, and they can last in the fridge for several days. All which make them a Lifestyle Lady Love.


Do you have a recipe I need to try?

Ta Ta For Now


Yummy and how cute are the floral spoons
Close up
Always scrummy from above.



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pizzapullups August 23, 2017 - 5:50 am

This looks delicious, thanks for sharing.

thelifestylelady August 23, 2017 - 1:15 pm

It is, thanks for stopping by.

Nichole August 23, 2017 - 8:02 am

Will have to try!

thelifestylelady August 23, 2017 - 1:13 pm

It is a must, a good back to school celebration!!!!!!

Julia August 23, 2017 - 9:31 am

Yum!! So easy and you can make it any way you like, love it!! : )

thelifestylelady August 23, 2017 - 1:13 pm

Yes it is a total winner, Julia. Thanks for taking the time to read.

CourtKramer August 23, 2017 - 10:06 am

This looks really good and more healthy than cheesecake! I love how you incorporated granola over graham crackers too.

thelifestylelady August 23, 2017 - 1:12 pm

Thanks you are right it is not as deadly as cheesecake and tastes scrummy. Have you tried ginger biscuits instead of graham crackers is delicious. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

CourtKramer August 23, 2017 - 3:01 pm

No, but that sounds amazing, especially for fall baking!

Dianna August 23, 2017 - 11:16 am

Looks divine..and fairly easy to pull off? I’m afraid that might raise my boys’ expectations of dessert to a new level! 😜

thelifestylelady August 23, 2017 - 1:10 pm

Thanks, It is dead easy to pull off which makes this such a winner. Get your boys to make it! Thanks for stopping by.

Ashley Newell August 23, 2017 - 2:27 pm

This sounds absolutely divine! I love lemon curd and we struggle for different ways to use it. I definitely have to make this next time we make curd!

jessicadevlin August 23, 2017 - 2:32 pm

deliciously easy!

Lynn White (@backtothesouth) August 23, 2017 - 5:55 pm

Oh this looks so good and I love that it’s so easy!

thelifestylelady August 26, 2017 - 9:06 am

It is and its so scrummy. Thanks for reading.

bitesofflavor August 24, 2017 - 8:07 am

Oh this sounds delicious! I love all the different textures and flavors. Great idea!

thelifestylelady August 26, 2017 - 9:07 am

Yes me too its yummy. Thanks for stopping by.


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