January Favorites

Howdy Y’all,

How the devil are you? I feel in good spirits mainly because the weather is so bloody lovely here at the moment. I find it to be true that the weather can alter your mood. I had a wonderful time today having lunch with Little L at the park, there was nobody else around but us and some noisy birds and we had a fab time. I am so proud and amazed at how much she has physically developed over the past weeks, she is climbing like a champ. She is growing so fast, I am so enjoying the conversations we now share, especially in the car, well I say conversation it usually takes the form of her telling me and her quite often being correct (she is 3!!)

Have you been watching Victoria? It is the new offering from PBS, for my UK and Europe followers I know us in the US are late to the party. I will be honest and say I was not sure the first two weeks but now it seems to have found its rhythm and I’m loving it, especially with the arrival of Prince Albert. I do love me a period drama, I think it is because I can kick back, relax, be entertained and enjoy the beauty of the past. I am looking forward to next week. Speaking of exciting viewing, Little L and I saw the new trailer for Beauty and the Beast, I will confess I was a little concerned by some of the cast choices but it looks superb, perhaps a little scary in places but we can not wait to go  see it. Only a month or so to wait.

Thinking about time can you believe that we are now approaching February? 2017 is flying ahead with full force, with this in mind it is time for my January Favorites. This month has a few beauty items, both makeup and skincare, but also some other Lifestyle faves. Please pour yourself a cuppa/wine depending on the time of your viewing and enjoy.

Ta Ta for now.




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