Christmas Time


Howdy Y’all,

Happy December! How are you all doing? Frantically running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done? Well that has been me a little of late, since I have been sick with a chest infection since the beginning of man, my to do list is longer than the Mississippi River. I am trying my best to remain swan like as I plough through, after all it is not about perfection- right? I am quite sure that me being sick and many of the other women who I know who are suffering is because they are intent on running themselves ragged. It has finally got cooler in Texas, I may line dance in celebration which has me feeling it is a little more like the festive season. To try and further get myself into the holiday spirit I have recorded this video called the Christmas Tag. So grab a cuppa or a tipple and enjoy.

What holiday traditions do you love? Let me know.


Ta Ta for now.


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