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One thing I learnt when I moved to the US was that it celebrates Mothering Sunday on another day from the UK which made purchasing gifts and cards difficult. I have overcome this small obstacle and now I have my own American daughter I think I should be entitled to two Mother’s Day who is with me? In all seriousness Mother’s Day is a fabulous tradition where we can celebrate all women who mean something to us. I have mentioned previously that my family are on the move and we will be spending this Mothering Sunday in our new location trying to find a home. Which no doubt will remind me of the importance of being a mother and trying to make this transition as seamless as possible. This post gives some gift suggestions, especially if the man in your life has some influence over gift purchasing. I of course love the homemade card and gift but will leave all of those ideas to people far more craftly gifted than I. So may I be as bold to suggest, sending a link to this article or leaving this page open and placing it subtly on top of the TV remote so you get something special this May. Lets crack on…


  1. Lush Gift Box I am not sure whether I have mentioned about the wonderful Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars that they sell at Lush, they are outstanding. They make bath time all the more decedant and what mama does not need that? If you are new to the brand a gift box like this is a great introduction. You can also go instore or online and pick out your own selections which might be fun for little kids to do.
  2. Satin Robe If you are like me then a robe is a treat, especially one that does not have your toddlers previous breakfast on the sleeve. This is elegant can be personalized and make you feel special. Yes please.
  3. Rose Gold Knot Earrings If jewelry is your gift of choice for Mother’s Day then I expect you want something classic and timeless that will stand the test of time. These I believe fit that order, they are turn on the classic as they are in the fashionable rose gold. Enjoy.
  4. Frends Headphones So I think I may have mentioned these before, they are beautiful. I love the gold and white ones, they are so feminine and every mummy needs a set.
  5. Tote Bag So if like me you love bags then maybe Mother’s Day is an occasion to extend your collection. I often share bags I love but I wanted to share this link. A friend bought me the grey/blue one for Christmas and I was hooked. I also own the brown/coral one, they are reversible, affordable, great size, comfortable and you wont be devastated if a sippy cup spills. I encourage everyone to grab one.
  6. Silhouette Necklace This a new discovery and it all looks beautiful. What mother wouldn’t want the silhouette necklace I want to do an art order after my move.

If none of these ideas do much for you what mother wouldn’t like flowers? Or perhaps a spa voucher? You can never go wrong with a Sephora gift card or a blowout voucher. Have you thought of a gift subscription like Birchbox or FabFitFun. Or you could go down the charitable route of sponsoring a child. Whatever you like I wish you a Happy Mothering Sunday and hope you get to share the day with those you love and whom love you after all that’s what it’s really about.

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