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by thelifestylelady

imageHowdy Y’all,

Hope you are all doing well and that your weekend was super. TBH last week was not great in the L household, nothing went as it was meant and on Wednesday I declared to a friend that I was hibernating till today. Unfortunately that is not possible with a toddler, but I dug deep and continued. Little L has been teething with her molars which is horrid for her, painful and very tiring. I do feel that I can face anything if I can get a good nights kip. Today is a new week.

Last week I did finally push my posterior into implementing one of my NYR. This was using outstanding gift cards and being more efficient with coupons. Please don’t tell me that I’m alone when I stand in line to buy something which I have a coupon for, only to learn that I changed purses and did not transfer the coupon. With a screaming toddler and standing in line for an eternity you make the decision you need the item regardless of the coupon and you could not be bothered to do this again. This is why I need a better system.

If you have followed the blog for a while you will know I adore candles. I love the higher end candles like Diptyque, Tom Dixon or Jo Malone, but I do often find myself not burning them regularly and “keeping the for best.” I have to date been impressed with the candles at Bed,Bath and Bodyworks. Everyday we have one burning as a way to mask the smells of daily life. I will preface I do not like every fragrance but I do love Fresh Cut Lilacs, White Gardenia and Endless Weekend at the moment. I had a 10$ off $30 and I had wanted to use it. I had been waiting for the 3 wick candles which are usually $22.50 to drop in price and then I would pounce. When the email arrived on Friday that said candles were $12.50 I did a sneaky order. Ssh do not tell Mr L, I did get $10 off and wait for a sale, so it is a bargain – right?

Keeping with the gift card theme I had one for Sephora . I treated myself to a Sunday Riley Power Couple Transformation Kit which included her Good Genes and Luna Oil. I have heard so much buzz surrounding this brand and these products in particular. I have just started using so I will report back in a separate post. I also purchased the Clinique Bottom Lash mascara, again I have heard great things so will report back.

Tis the season for the spring/summer catalogues to arrive in the mail! The weather has been so beautiful here I feel spring like already. When Mini Boden dropped on the doorstep I jumped on one or two of the items for Little L. Although it is a slightly higher price point, the quality is fantastic, plus I think they are current, age appropriate and use color beautifully. I hate to see little people in drab colors. If you are not familiar with this British brand, take a look online, they are also sold at Nordstrom.

Food wise it was a harder week. I was not in my cooking mojo.  I always like to return to a classic family pleaser when I am like this. A recipe I know and know works. For those of you not familiar with the UK cook Mary Berry you should. She is a national treasure and her family recipes and cook books work. This week I made this lasagna which Mr L and Little L love and devour. Plus Little L eats spinach and mushroom in this, no problems. I urge you to give it a try. Thanks to Mary for producing some of my fav recipes.

Mr L hit a home run this week when he purchased a Google cardboard D-scope Pro, what is that I hear you say? It is a virtual reality headset which allows you to turn your Iphone into a 3D viewer. Which for our dinosaur loving toddler has been such a hit especially for those potty training tantrums. It is a great price point and great fun. I just do not know where he gets these ideas?!

This weekend I found a new place to get a mani and pedi, which was so overdue, my last one was pre christmas (how embarrassing.) I could have gone earlier but I have been trying out a foot peel (more on that in another post.) I will say the place was fantastic and it was showing Fixer Upper on the TV screens, win win. This is now my fav place to escape.

This week the weather is to turn bad and rain the whole time, it is also Spring Break which means all kiddies are off school so everywhere will be packed. I will be trying to entertain Little L with crafts and baking otherwise the two of us caged inside will be fatal.

Have a happy week.

Ta ta for now.



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