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Howdy Y’all,

It is Friday! Congratulations you have made it through another week. Looking forward to a weekend of great weather in Texas, so I have that Friday feeling and I thought I would share some of the things I have liked and loved this week.

So I mentioned the weather is to be good this weekend as a result we have been invited to our first BBQ of the year, a BBQ in January who would have thought? We will actually be able to sit outside rather than the summer where the heat is a nightmare. I am making an appetizer, wanting to stretch my repertoire I am going to make this, hope it is yummy I will report back.

It’s baby fever amongst my friends at the moment, and I love the American tradition of Baby Showers and Sprinkles. I really enjoy celebrating the mum and the impending arrival. I have a sprinkle to attend this weekend, although I had already purchased a gift I was in Gap this week and saw these. For those of you who are not familiar with the Mr Men books or The Little Miss books you have missed out. I loved these during my childhood and they are a great gift for children. They are smaller books with a great moral message to them all. The collections can be bought through Amazon here and here. A great addition to any child’s library.

If you have a littlie in your life who is fond of Disney like Little L, The Disney Store is having a fab sale on plush soft toys, buy one full price ($19.95) get the second for $1. Elsa and Cilla (Cinderella) were added to our family.

I think I have mentioned earlier my love of candles and Bed Bath & Bodyworks are having another sale. I went in to see what I could find and discovered the Lilacs candle, I love the smell so much, it is delicate and reminds me of Spring which is not far away. I also managed to get a Gardenia room fragrance, I love The smell of Gardenia’s I just wish they did this in a body cream.

I was disappointed when I was in London that one of my Christmas gifts (a Liz Earle facial) was cancelled due to the therapist being sick, so Mummy L gained the benefit, which is good. Liz Earle so kindly sent me a pack of goodies to say sorry. It was a lovely surprise and I will blog when I have tried all I was given. It was so kind of them. So thank you. I have been a fan of the brand for years. Give them a try.

Have a super weekend.

Ta Ta for now



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