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Howdy Y’all,

It is that time again, love time. That special day plastered in our calendars when the gift shops and card companies encourage us to celebrate the love we have for those closest to us. Sorry was that a little cynical of me?! Now I have a very British attitude towards  Valentines Day, when I grew up you did not receive cards from your father or friends as an expression of paternal or platonic love. Valentine’s Day was simply for the romantics amongst us who were either in the throws of romantic love or as a way of expressing undisclosed feelings for another. Throwing the cynic in me to one side I do like the idea of Valentine’s Day being a celebration of love in all forms. If it makes us all stop, take a moment to appreciate those people in our lives we love and could not be without, in my book that is a great thing. I think another reason I am a little of a Debbbie downer on the Valentines Day debarcle is that I was the lucky lady who chose to marry a chap born on the day of St Valentine! Yes folks that’s right I share the day with Mr L’s birthday, now quite frankly I am not the one of the couple who gets the rough end of the stick, try getting a dinner reservation on Feb 14. Getting a group of friends together to celebrate your birthday when they all feel that they should be out alone in a couple, paying for some overpriced, sub-standard set menu. We do celebrate Valentine’s, exchange something small but make it a celebration of Mr L. So along the lines of my gift guides for Christmas I have given you some suggestions for the special people in your life, they vary in price but they are all things I would be more than happy to receive or give. So any of my many admirers looking to declare their undying love I provide some inspiration.



Top Golf Gift Card – Most men love golf and to combine it with a date night is a win win. Golf, food, alcohol and friends = good times.

Heart Socks – Now Mr L likes to rock the funky socks look so I am always on the lookout for fabulous socks, nothing says love like heart covered socks.

The Art of Shaving – This to me is a great pampering gift for men. If your chap is not one for the spa this is a great way to give him a pampering gift that he won’t be embarrassed to use.

Bose Cordless Headphones – Whether he loves to travel, listen to music, or watches football in bed when you want to sleep, these are a must and great quality.

Ugg Slippers – Valentines Day is all about staying cozy and these are just that but still look functional and appropriate.

Beer Making Kit – This needs little explanation. What man does not like Beer? If that is yours why not try a wine making kit.

If you a male reader who is a little uncertain of what to get that special someone, here are a few ideas.


Dry Bar Gift Card – Every woman loves a blow out/dry and this is a treat which doesn’t take the whole day but is an instant pickup to the mood. Great idea and vouchers can be bought from the comfort of your office.

Lush Bath Bombs – If your lady likes or craves a soak in the tub then a gift kit like this is a winner. Lush produces wonderful bath bombs which make bathing a treat. All natural products and good/kind to your skin.

PJ’s – I am quite sure that their is a varied taste to PJ’s and underwear to celebrate this holiday but honestly I don’t think you could go far wrong with cozy PJs, you could of course push the boat out and buy silk ones which would be a winner with any lady.

Emma Bridgewater Pottery – I am a massive fan of Emma Bridgewater pottery, I love her stuff and the vast majority of her patterns, I do have a slight preference for the hearts and what would be lovelier than a mug with the name or message for your beloved. These are collectible.

Life Factory Glass Bottle – With all research pointing towards the benefits of glass over plastic why not treat your lady to a glass bottle. Whether she uses it to workout, on her desk or to carry around, she can look stylish while taking care of herself.

Pink Throw– Valentine’s to me is about being cozy and romantic by the fire and ladies love to be warm and stylish.  Any person worth there salt knows that a woman can NEVER have enough throws, pillows and shoes, so why not add to that collection with something as cute as this.

Diptyque Candles – Amongst some of the most gorgeous candles you can buy. So many fragrances and again like pillows, throws and shoes women can never have too many. So excited a Diptyque store is moving to my local mall very soon.

Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil – Not much to add here other than a lady loves to smell good so perfume is a great option and Jo Malone in particular would send a lovely romantic message.

Hope this provides some inspiration for you. If you can not source the exact product I hope it provides some inspiration or ideas for something similar. If none of these scream at you, how about a couples cookery class or pottery, just think Ghost, On that note I shall say


Ta Ta for now




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