Happy Thanksgiving

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Thanksgiving. I can honestly say I am honored to write these words today, it is slowly becoming a favorite holiday of mine. As a non-American I feel privledged to experience and share in this special day. I am equally blessed that with the birth of my dear American Little L it is a tradition which will continue in the Lifestyle household for our lifetime. There is something so special about friends, family and loved ones coming together in a celebration of thanks. Gathering together and breaking bread (and far more than that as evidenced by my clothing change from jeans to leggings for the elasticated waist 😳 -whose with me?) There is no elaborate gifts giving involved or early morning wake ups from children excited by Santa, it’s simply enjoying who you’re with, watching parades and football.
Mr L and I have been immensely lucky in the five years we have lived in the US, we have never spent a thanksgiving holiday alone.  I think this says a great deal about US people and their hospitality. We have been fortunate to have had a variety of experience with friends and their families but what is most apparent is how thanksgiving gives you the opportunity to be “in the moment” with each other. I have enjoyed the table conversations which have stemmed from what we are thankful for. Today for example I was touched to hear my dear friends young son express that he is thankful for his lovely family as well as so much more.
I am thankful for a great deal. Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know I am not the “gushy” type, in fact I find public displays and declarations of affection uncomfortable. Today however is about giving thanks so I will give it a stab. I am thankful for Mr L he is everything to me. I am thankful I took the job 😉.  Little L is my life I can’t remember life before her, mainly because I am not the same person as I was before and she has enriched my life immeasurably. She is and will be my greatest achievement. I didn’t know the heart was capable of such love till I had her. I am thankful for my family who are so far away, distance can be difficult but I am thankful for Skype and for their continued love and support. For my friends who make our lives richer, when you live a distance from family you create a family through friends. I can honestly tell you I am blessed in this department. Today in particular to my dear friend K and her family who have opened their home and offered their table at Thanksgiving- thank you.

Finally to you the reader of this, I am grateful to you that you take the time out of your busy life to read my offering, to follow and to comment. This new blogging adventure has been a great addition to my life and I am thankful to the people who know me and support my blogging ambitions (Mr L.)

So on the evening of thanksgiving I wish you and your family great blessings. I am going to lie down and rest off this food coma I find myself in and wait for Mrs Claus (that is another blog post entirely.)

Ta Ta for now,



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