All I want for Christmas Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers Under $25 Ladies 

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are keeping well? To continue with the theme of gift giving I wanted to offer some stocking stuffer suggestions. (Amazing alliteration.) I set myself the challenge of finding items under $25. I think I have done well, the vast majority are well under $25. I would be happy to receive these in a stocking but sadly I don’t get a stocking anymore.😢 It was literally a life altering moment when I learnt that Santa could no longer deliver to me, especially after I had been such a good lass. It was my favorite part, all the little bits and bobs. I would watch my brother rip all his gifts open and I would salvor each moment (to annoy him. Until he got wise to the plan and we would compete to elongate the process, sounds dull now, but you had to be there, I guess.) The stocking was where you would get sufficient underwear to last you to next Christmas. Do not get me started on comic annuals and selection boxes (I fear I am showing my age.) Alas I will throw myself with vigor into assisting Santa with ideas for my daughter. So that she may one day think of the stocking with such happy nostalgia. Although something tells me she will be demanding a stocking from Santa for a long time yet 😉. Mr L reminded me that not everyone has a stocking, perhaps a pillowcase or sack?

Do you love a stocking or pillowcase? Any must haves or traditions you had every year? Please share I love hearing from you.

Enjoy the stuffers.

Until next time.

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All I want for Christmas Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers Under $25 Ladies

1 Ribbon Hair Ties. Long or short hair these are a game changer. They don’t rip or damage the hair and they don’t hurt either. I am something of an expert in this area and these or similar are always a welcomed gift. They come in a huge selection of colors and textures. Suit ladies of any age.

2 Essie Ravishing Red Festive Mini Set Nail Polish is always a lovely gift and Essie such a dependable brand. Who doesn’t want a little festive red brightening their nails and stocking.

3 Sit, Stay, Brew Tea Infuser I have a confession I don’t drink tea. Yes a Brit who doesn’t like the stuff. It is a little like an American who doesn’t like peanut butter. I have never developed a liking for the stuff. I will drink herbal tea but I saw this cute dog and I thought what a super idea. I did wonder if it would work to flavor water? Either way super stocking stuffer.

4 Mettalic Minimergency Kit I have been a Girl Guide and I am the sort of lady who likes to be prepared for all eventualities. These kits are super cute and full of great items which you need and fear you never have. There is a variety of colors and kits. Check out the link for the vast offering. Would make a super gift for a girl friend or secret Santa.

5 5 Pack Pocketbac Sanitizers Perhaps because I am a mummy that I am obsessed with this stuff. I have only recently become aquatinted with this brand, but already have them hanging from my purse and diaper bag.Great idea for anyone. Practical and useful.

6 Nourishing Hand Cream Fresh Tangerines I love hand cream and this stuff is great for the price point. A lady can never have enough hand creams, whether on her desk or in her purse these are a winner. So many varieties of smells, give it a try.

7 Eau so Luxe Perfume Sampler This is another great gift. Sample size beauty products are such a winner for me. Great to fit in your purse or gym bag. These are so versatile, they also allow you to try a fragrance for a longer period. Any lady would love one of these as a gift. I love to store one in my car FYI.

8 Portable Battery Gold I love my one of these. I do use it. Mainly because I have a toddler who drains my phone battery. More importantly I see the safety aspect of these as they ensure your never left alone without battery (we have all been there.) They are so affordable, small and light weight they would fit in any purse. A total must.

9 Kate Spade Notebook. Love a notebook and this is a pretty one. Great for a stocking.

10 Enchanted Forest Coloring Book. Have you entered this fantastic world of adult coloring? If not why not? This new hobby is so therapeutic. A dear friend bought me a coloring book for my birthday and I have not looked back. There is such a variety of books on offer for men and women. So go for it.

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