Happy Housekeeping!


Howdy Y’all,

Happy weekend. This is just a quick housekeeping post. A few of you got in touch and mentioned that you had problems with my RSS feed, I will be honest until a week ago I had no idea what that meant, not sure I really know now, but I have checked and it is now working. If you want to follow me by email, (and I strongly encourage that so you never miss another of my profound posts 😜) you can do so by entering your email address and hitting follow. On Ipad and computer this is usually situated on the right hand side of the homepage or blog post. If you are reading this on a phone scroll down below post until you see the box to enter your email address with a follow button in pink. I am slowly getting to grips with other forms of social media, so you can also follow me:-

























So I think I have all bases covered, so if you have the inclination please visit, follow and like. I also want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to visit the blog, I have been overwhelmed by the fact people are enjoying and commenting. I truly appreciate you and I hope you will continue to visit and contribute in the future.

Enjoy your weekend!

Ta Ta for now,


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