Spooky Safety

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

How are you? It is nearly the weekend and one of  the remaining ones before Halloween. I never want to appear preachy or press my ideas on people who have taken the time to read my posts. I do want to share with you when I find or discover something I think is profound, interesting or more importantly concerns safety. Whatever your personal circumstance most of us have kids / grandchildren / nieces / nephews / close friends children who will be looking forward to dressing up and going trick-or-treating this Halloween.

In addition to pumpkin-carving and decorating, Halloween preparations often include a trip to the store to pick up suitably scary costumes for the kids. The choice of costume will no doubt depend on a few criteria, but how many of us would take the time to think about safety before making the purchase?

Last year, a famous TV presenter’s daughter from the UK was seriously burned when the cape of her witch’s costume ignited as it came into contact with a candle. The mother describes what happened in this video, including how difficult it was to put out the flames despite their best efforts. I know that none of us would ever want to be in that position, so please make sure that your little one’s fancy dress is made from a flame retardant material.

This of course is not only restricted to children, we can all get immersed in the merriment of the occasion and not pay attention to what we are doing. So I want you my reader to be as safe as possible and therefore have a fantastic time. This video has certainly made me review what my family will be wearing this season.

Enjoy your weekend.

Ta Ta for now


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