Dry Bar – An excellent oxymoron

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

Hope you’re doing well! We are melting here, where is Fall? I got to wear a shirt once, is that it? Does this mean we will go from hot to cold instantly? I am fairly depressed especially when I look at the weather app and there appears to be little let up. One thing I love to treat myself to is a blow out/dry (depending on what country you are from.) I am so lucky to have super friends and one day I was presented with a blow out voucher for Dry Bar as a thank you. What a superb idea for a gift. Now I must confess I had held onto the voucher for a while, mainly because I wanted to share the finished result with my friend when we had an evening out planned. Low and behold the occasion arose and I booked myself in. So here is my first experience of Dry Bar.

Dry Bar’s are well established in Texas and the US but I had not frequented before. From the outset I was impressed, I love the fact you set up a profile and book online either through their website or by downloading the app. I did not have to ring up to be put on hold, and then forgotten about, (does that happen to you? Or just me?!) It was very user-friendly which is so important. I booked about a week out and they did have a vast selection of morning appointments but nothing in the afternoon. If you were wanting to use the service, especially around holiday time, I would recommend you book in advance. I then did not have to give it another thought until 24 hrs before, when you are sent a reminder email and a link to follow to confirm. That reminds me, the online interface worked well with your diary, so if you were wanting to book several appointments having them automatically in my Cozi is a blessing.

On the morning of the appointment I was greatly looking forward to the R &R and when I say my hair was a state it was just that. I contemplated washing my hair pre- appt which was complete madness and I saw reason and turned up looking like an oil slick. I must admit I was a little anxious, my hair is not easy, and I have experienced my hair being caught in a dryer and brushes tangled. Then I sucked it up and got on with it. I have to say I was shocked how busy it was, it had a fantastic atmosphere. It seems to be the height of wedding and homecoming season and there were lots of parties in there. I do not know about you but these parties always make me smile, it as if happiness radiates towards you. Plus I always love to wish the bride luck (she is going to need it 😜.) So that put me in a good mood. Check-in was relatively smooth, I was offered a selection of drinks, but it was pre- twelve and drinking before this would not be appropriate even for this lush! I think I waited 10 mins but there was plenty for this nosey neighbor to look at. If I had one complaint their was very little area to sit, not for me but there were a few maturer ladies who would have benefited from the seat. After about ten mins my stylist introduced herself, which was a great touch. We had a brief consultation where she introduced me to the menu. A selection of blow out or updo options. So out came one of my mottos “go big or go home.” I picked out the Southern Comfort, described as big hair with lots of volume. My stylist was friendly from the get-go.  I also really like that they do the whole process including washing. I did apologize for the state of my hair and she told me that was nonsense. So sweet. I like the fact you can add to the treatment with upgrades like hair masques and intensive treatments. A stylist once told me the art of an effective blowout was a great shampoo. Any grease left in the hair makes it go flat and limp. I have to say this shampoo was excellent. Chairs were comfortable and water temperature good. My stylist was chatty and I enjoyed that. Once my hair was washed and treated we moved over to start the blow out. The area I sat in was great and I was placed in front of a screen displaying “How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days.” This was bittersweet as I realized how old I am getting as the film appeared dated but still fabulous. I laughed out loud! It was a distraction. While watching and chatting with my stylist, she was informing me that she was a Californian Lass who had been in the State for less than twelve months. She was setting up her own business and worked at Dry Bar on a part-time basis. She explained that they were a really supportive business who allowed her to hand out her business cards and pick her hours around her clients. I love this and it appeals to me, that a company can be supportive of setups and as a young mum this appealed that a company can have such a progressive attitude to work balance and encouragement. I can honestly tell you my time in the chair flew by and I enjoyed myself.

I certainly would ask for my stylist again. I also have her business card which I like. The check out process was very easy, especially as I had a voucher – thankyou. I loved how it looked and I have posted a pic below for your enjoyment.😀.

How would the Lifestyle Lady rate Dry Bar? I loved it and I can not wait to have a reason to book another appointment. What a wonderful business model. Some people are so smart to see a niche and go for it. This really works.  Have you tried? What did you think? Did you have a similar time? Have you used a similar service I should try? To my friend who gave this I say thank you, a special thankyou from Mr L who is delighted that I have another reason to spend money 😉.

The before picture, this was taken earlier in the week after a facial, but the hair is the same. Hence no makeup.

A quick picture of the inside of Dry Bar

The final result. I felt glam x

Ready to face the world

Ta Ta for now,


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