High Five Monday – Podcast Lovin

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

How are you? Happy Monday!! I hope you are all enjoyed the weekend. Mine was quiet which was lovely especially since we have been busier recently and with the impending holiday and birthday season nearly upon us quiet family time will be decreasing. It is good some times to stop and take stock, just take a deep breath and really look around you, I am always wanting to do this more. I think I mentioned before that one of the things I miss most about my life pre-motherhood other than the obvious (being time) is concentration. I am quite sure there is some scientific reason why I struggle to even concentrate on reading a menu. You will know by now that I love to read, a past time which has been a casualty of motherhood mainly because of the concentration. I thought that a listening book might be the solution especially when Little L and I are doing a journey, but low and behold 20 minutes in I have no clue what is going on. My solution is podcasts. I have always enjoyed podcasts, but even more now. The variety keeps me stimulated and interested and I find I am following, learning and laughing along the way. Win win. So  I thought today I would share with you some of my classics and some of my new discoveries

Call Your Girlfriend. This is a celebration of friendship in particular female friendship. Ann Friedman (writer) and Aminatou So (Google’s head of Politics and Social Marketing) discuss everything about society. It is very funny and interesting. I always learn and smile throughout from two very impressive ladies.

The Great Courses. If you are not familiar with this website then you are missing out. I am always trying to learn more about this wonderful place in which we live and this website and podcast assist in my inquisitive nature. Each podcast is led by another engaging professor from some of the worlds best universities. It has a vast repertoire and is bound to cover a topic you want to discover more about. I always come away more informed and better educated on world affairs.

Stuff You Missed In History Class. If your history education was anything like mine you know a great deal about a small moment in history. I took history all the way until college, but most of my history studies had been focused on the twentieth century. That left many gaps in my knowledge. This is quite American centric and is part of the how stuff works series. I enjoy discovering and learning about people and places in history and this podcast is right up my street.

BBC Radio 4 Today Show & Woman’s Hour. Call me bias but I think the BBC is a world leader in broadcasting journalism and I believe that Radio 4 is its flagship. If I want to get a good grasp on current world affairs it is the podcast of The Today Show I turn to. We can all get busy and miss out on important issues and this podcast informs and educates. Similarly Woman’s Hour podcast keeps me informed on issues women related. There is no “burning bras” here it contains interesting discussion and debate for women. Couldn’t live  without either.

This American Life. This is a podcast of a public radio show from Chicago. It has won all broadcasting awards and covers a vast plethora of topics from society and culture. It is highly popular and rightly so.

So I realize that many of  my choices are education and current affair focused, but that is mainly what I am into. I also listen daily to podcasts of  LBC a British talk radio show, which I always find fascinating, listening to differing opinions. What podcasts do you love? Get in touch.

Ta Ta for now


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