High Five Monday – Great Fall Reads

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

I’m back! Sorry for the delay in blogging, it has been a busy couple of weeks here in Casa Lifestyle but I’m back roaring to go into my favorite quarter of the year. I love to read – do you? It is one of the pastimes which has really taken a back seat since Little L arrived, if I can get through a magazine or periodical I am proud of myself these days. I have decided that I must do better. So I thought I would share with you my high-five books that if you have not had a chance to read might inspire you to pick up and start and I am sharing because I have enjoyed them. I also want to add another book which I would like to read this month (October) and if you wanted to join me then that would be super duper. I want to preface that the books I am recommending and the book I choose are not high brow works of literature. These days I need a book to entertain and engage me from the get go otherwise it joins the donation pile. So here are the five books I have enjoyed:-

  1. Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins. This novel is the Gone Girl of 2015. I’m quite sure most of you have read it. I believe it is being made into a movie. The story tells us about Rachel and the view she gets from her window on a commuter train. One day she catches something for a brief second and you discover she is far more than the Girl on the train. Good and compelling read.
  2. Great read. I Let You Go – Clare Mackintosh.  In one second life as you know it can change entirely. The story follows Jenna trying to rebuild her life by moving away and learning to live with haunting memories. As she begins to rebuild her life, the past catches her up and has terrible results. Great read, good twist, ideal for a winter evening.
  3. imageThe Sea Sisters – Lucy Clarke. I don’t have the pleasure of a sister and don’t share the relationship described in this novel. The story focuses on two sisters and learning of Mia’s devastating death Katie goes on a journey following her journal to discover what happened to her sister and much more. Compelling read.
  4. imageDaughter – Jane Shemilt. A story about a GP and her family, the book deals with how their lives change when her 16-year-old daughter goes missing. It questions how well we really know our own lives and the people we share our life with. Easy and compelling read. Interesting ending. Great debut novel. Good page turner.
  5. imageThe Light Between Ocean ML Steadman. A beautiful novel which tells the story of a lighthouse keeper and his wife whose lives change when a dead man and crying baby crash into their rocks. The decisions they make are heartbreaking and what happens next will break yours. I enjoyed this greatly the imagery and story telling is lovely.


So next is the first suggestion for TLL book club. Who wants to join me? Anyone? Don’t be shy! I wanted to choose something slightly out of my comfort choice and I have chosen Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. I know little about the book except it has received fantastic reviews. So here goes. If you fancy joining me please do.


What books have you loved or enjoyed? Any writers you love? Please share with me.

Enjoy your week.

Ta Ta for now


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Rosemary Dickson September 28, 2015 - 7:24 am

I have just rear The Love Song of Miss Queenie Heenesy which is the companion book to the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. It is a lovely,funny,sad book and I felt quite affected by it.


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