Autumn/Fall Outdoor Decoration

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

Todays post is early, since I am informed that autumn or fall does not start until 23rd September but I was inspired by a dear friend and fellow blogger Elena (whose blog is dogslobberandbabygiggles please check it out 😄) who had already decorated her home for the season. I have to be honest that spending the majority of my life in the UK you sort of take seasons for granted. Living in Texas where it feels as if it has been hot for an eternity you are begging for a day in the 80s where you can wear plaid shirts, leggings and boots and yes that’s what you wear in Texas when it hits the cold front of 80s, (how life has changed!) Whilst it’s still very hot here and I have not resorted to boots and hot coffee in the small hope that it might cause the weather to change, I have embraced autumnal decoration. As mentioned earlier growing up in the UK we did not celebrate the seasonal changes as they do here in the US. I do vaguely remember celebrating harvest festival but I certainly don’t remember seeing exterior and interior decorations. I must admit one thing I love about living here so much is the way this country celebrates holidays and festivals. Now I am a mother to an ever-growing munchkin I want to start family traditions that we can enjoy together for the years to come.

So with some inspiration I decided to decorate our porch/front door area with the help of Little L. I had some clear criteria when I went to purchase items to decorate (so not to get too carried away.) Firstly I had to love the items, I was not wanting disposable things that I would be throwing out I wanted items I could use for years to come.  Secondly I wanted to celebrate the fall/autumn rather than Halloween. I will admit I am not much of a Halloween fan, that is not to say that I won’t throw myself into said holiday in years to come as Little L grows up its simply that I am not really a ghost or ghoul person. I don’t really do scary. So I was looking for items more harvest related. Thirdly I wanted age appropriate items (not my age obviously) but something that would engage Little L’s imagination and to be honest at the moment most of the noisy Halloween items she does not like. (Long may it last.) Finally I wanted versatile items which could be used outside or inside where possible, this criteria combined with taking advantage of the early bird decoration sales that the stores are having in hope to keep costs down a little 😳. I went bought and conquered. I attach some photos below of out autumnal woodland. Let me know what you think? What have I missed? What are some of your traditions? You will notice one or two toddler crafts in the pictures, these and a few more will be subject of a blog post later In the season.


I love a wreath on the door but was not loving any of the pre-made options. I wanted to continue with the more neutral tones of the theme and came across these, which are garlands designed for a mantle, instead I have hung them with a piece of burlap/lace ribbon and I think it looks great! Who says a wreath has to be circular?


Love these window decals, Little L and I enjoyed sticking them up! Really odd texture but effective!


You can not celebrate the harvest without a scarecrow and ours had to be female, we have not named her yet. Suggestions? TLL lied about Halloween I do have one decoration the little pumpkin with a witches hat, he was not too scary and I think has found his place laughing amongst the decor. The design of the straw bale is similar but this time on the other side of the door. Did I mention I love symmetry? This one has two woodland animals peeking out. They get moved fairly frequently by Little L. You might be able to see a pumpkin sticking out of the planter, this was decorated by Little L as a Fall craft and this and others will be subject of another post!


Really like the cream pumpkins, they are a theme I have carried into the home, and if like me you move lots, neutral will fit in all places. The initial I bought in standard wood and then spent a “fun” time winding string around, not sure it looks as effective as I was hoping but it looks better in person. Not sure if you can see the little woodland hedgehog, just so adorable and Little L loved them. The small straw bale is great because it allows the smaller items to have some height and therefore are more able to be seen. Plus it looks smart by the planter, which contains the seasonal mom. The autumnal leaf garland also work I think to pull all the colors together and who does not love pine cones. All these items are things I would hope to see on a woodland walk.

This is a close up of an earlier picture.

This is a close up of an earlier picture.

A picture of the front door area, please note the flag message x

A picture of the front door area, please note the flag message x

I really enjoyed this project. I particularly enjoyed sharing it with Little L, whose face lights up when we go outside and check on the animals. This reminds me it is a little windy today so I may need to knock our scarecrow into the ground a little better. Hope you like what I have done and this might inspire you to place a pumpkin outside your door. Now I just need a cool front so we can enjoy being outdoors more.

Ta ta for now!


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