A Letter of Life Lessons and Learnings for Little L

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

I have a small secret to share, today is my birthday. God it is so much easier to write than to say, so I thought what could I blog about on my birthday? Birthdays can be nostalgic times and for me often make me take stock of where I am, what I have learned and where I want to be. Since becoming a mummy I have become more self-aware of life and time and how precious and fragile it is. Another little Lifestyle secret is that Mr L on our anniversary every year writes me a letter, this sacred tradition he has now established with Little L by writing to her every year on her birthday. Letter writing is such a dying form but such a work of art, it is so difficult to write especially in this day and age where the extent of the average vocabulary Is lol. I wanted to mark this occasion with a letter or sorts to Little L from her mummy. I have been wanting to do this since her birth (should anything happen to me) but I have been procrastinating. This letter which is more a list, is a reflection of my personality, lessons I have learned, some funny, some serious and some sad but all important. So here goes….

  1. Smile, it makes everything better and laughter lines are beautiful. They always make a face look kinder.
  2. Don’t glow the small stuff. It’s just that – small. (Glow rather than sweat, ladies glow 😜)
  3. Jump, your much braver, stronger and smarter than you think, but do so in some killer shoes.(Mama recommends Choo, Louboutinor Blahnik.)
  4. Trust, if someone betrays that, that’s their problem. Brush yourself off, put on a really good lipstick and face the day.
  5. Do things because you want to, not because you feel you should or because you want things back in return. You will be happier because of it.
  6. Frogs, you have to kiss a few to meet your prince/princess.  💋🐸💋 (I am totally fine with either.)
  7. Don’t use the word nice, it means nothing. Like is similar but not so bad.
  8. Dance, you can never dance enough. There is not enough dancing in the world. I can do a mean Shakira and Cayote Ugly after some liquor.💃
  9. It is super fine to be different. Don’t be a sheep unless the shepherd is cute.
  10. You don’t have to have life figured out half the fun is the discovery. I’m still trying,
  11. Treat others as you wish to be treated. The world would be very different if we all followed that one!!
  12. Love is like wine and men, it gets better with age! Trust mama on that one! Your grandma raised me on be an old mans sweetheart not a young mans slave – in my experience so true.
  13. It’s our differences which make us special. Celebrate that.
  14. Life is not a dress rehearsal, it’s the main event, live for yourself and enjoy every minute. Today stop, look around you take a minute to appreciate. We never do that enough. The world is a place of beauty.
  15. Accept yourself once you do you will be much happier. Cellulite can be sexy. Plus a real man wont care anyway.
  16. Moisturize twice a day, especially under your eyes and your neck (they show your age first.)
  17. Clean underwear daily is the law. Matching if possible.
  18. If your feeling insecure don’t take it out on others, such a female trait. Plus everyone feels insecure.
  19. People can do unjust and unkind things sometimes. Learn and move on.
  20. Sometimes I feel better after a good cry, Sex and the City and a pint of great ice cream.
  21. Bad days/weeks/events happen, if they didn’t how would we know about the good.
  22. Travel is the best education. Big old world out their, go see it. If you can do so traveling on a private jet all the better.
  23. A world where every child gets am education is a world your mama wants to live in, I hope you inherit this passion.
  24. Woulda, shoulda, coulda is for losers if you want something go out and get it. For God sake don’t moan about it.
  25. Drink water and get plenty of sleep are the best beauty tips. Plus take your makeup off every night.
  26. I hope you will live in a world where women have smashed and stamped on that glass ceiling and they occupy many of the higher offices jobs in the political area, but do also remember nobody ever says wish I spent more time at work.
  27. Always spend money on bags, shoes, coats and jeans.
  28. Kindness, caring, hardworking and generous are essential qualities in a life partner.
  29. Men are like cars , some have a faster engine, some have better bodywork, others are sturdy but they all provide the same function, getting from A to B. Never overlook the bike!
  30. Books are wonderful but they do not compensate for real experience.
  31. The art of being a lady is how not to get caught!
  32. Friends are so important.
  33. You are the best decision I ever made and my legacy to the world. In the short time I have been a mama I have learnt that nothing can be planned, you are the best teacher and it is my role to give you the wings to fly.

What would be the lessons and experiences you would like to pass on? I will edit and add to this list each year.

Ta ta for now.


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