Bonus Addition. High Five Monday – Songs that make you bop

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

So it is Monday again. My weekend was mixed. Little L didn’t quite get the sleep she needed and, much like her mama, a lack of sleep equates to a CRANKY MONSTER. We did go out and get some yummy food and I managed to get my hair brightened and lightened (thank you Abi!) So we are back to Mundane Monday and I thought what could bring a smile to TLL?  Since I am celebrating my first month as a blogger, this is a bonus addition and you’re getting High 5×2 (High 10?) Enjoy, hope this makes you smile, sing and swing your way into the week:-

  1. Uptown Funk (Feat Bruno Mars.) Great song, gets me moving every time, Little L and I are frequently bopping along to this in the kitchen or car. Love.
  2. Bright Side of the Road Van Morrison. Classic and all time great. Like to sing and swing about to this.
  3. Club Tropicana, Wham. This is one for mummy L, she is a diehard Wham fan. I know every word to every song. Bro L and I were raised listening to tapes of this on every car journey (yes we are old) – happy times.
  4. Dance With Me Tonight, Olly Murs.  Happy ditty tune, makes me smile and sing every time I hear it.
  5. Happy, Pharrell Williams. Genius record and does what it says on the tin, makes you happy. Enough said.
  6. Jump Around, House of Pain. Total classic, I challenge anyone not go jump around to this tune.
  7. Layla, Eric Clapton. One of the greatest rock songs. I certainly bellow out her name every time I hear this.
  8. The Loco-Motion, Kylie Minogue.  Back to my much younger years; one of the first tapes I bought. Classic to me and who doesn’t want to do the locomotion at a party?
  9. Maggie May, Rod Stewart. This one is for Daddy L, but got to say I love Rod.  If you didn’t see his sketch with James Corden on The Late Late show, watch it on You Tube. I will attach link. Class act and Maggie May has to be one of his all time greats.
  10. Mr Blue Sky, Electric Light Orchestra. Don’t hear this very often but, when I do, I am a bopping.

What would be on your ultimate party list? I had so many I wanted to share! Let me know what you think. Comment.

Ta ta for now.


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