Fantasy/Dream Dinner Party

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Friday! So today I thought I would post something fun! My fantasy dinner party. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that Mr L and I love to entertain, although we have done less of it since Little L arrived. It’s certainly a long time since we had a dinner with this many guests 😜. So I set about working out who would be the sixteen people dead or alive I would have to my dream dinner party. Firstly this is meant to be fun. Secondly it is not as easy as it first appears choosing sixteen is no small task. Your guests, however much you try, reflect your personality and your interests. For example as much as  I tried I definitely had more political figures and world leaders than sportsman. I am aware of this. I did want to  have many more women and people from the arts world but I felt I could not overlook people on this list because of their gender or profession. So again I am over explaining, here is MY list, I will probably kick myself later as there will be someone I should have invited but forgot, so it’s an ever evolving work in progress. Enjoy:-

1. Queen Elizabeth II, my first invite and rightly so. In my humble opinion one of the greatest women in history. She is about to celebrate being the longest-serving monarch (the other being Queen Victoria, both women – interesting!) Although not known for her candor, (so no gossip) the changes she has seen, her sense of duty and the outstanding decorum she has displayed are a wonder to behold. What I would give to have her at my table. God Save The Queen.

2. Sir Winston Churchill. Undoubtedly one of the Greatest Brits that has walked the earth. I have no doubt the country I grew up in, if not the world, would be a very different place if not for this man. The questions I would ask. No table would be complete without him.

3. Thomas Cromwell, this is a no brainer for me, especially if you have read Wolf Hall and Bringing Up The Bodies. Mr Cromwell was pivotal through a fundamental time in my country’s history. Many believe he was the closest confident for a period to Henry VIII and saw through the detachment of England to the Catholic Church, the creation of The Church of England and several beheadings and burning of major figures including Anne Boleyn. Not one to get the notoriety, but perhaps the brains behind the operation. Very scholarly and I have many a questions.

4. Nelson Mandela, a very divisive invite, but could not have my fantasy party without him. During his lifetime he saw so much change in South Africa much stimulated by him. He went from an apartheid system to being President, which is entirely remarkable when you think about it. The 18 years he spent  at Robben Island, much in isolation, fascinates me, how that affects a person and brings about change. So many questions for him.

5. Mother Teresa, I am trying to stay away from religious figures but this woman to me is a world great. A servant of God who dedicated her life to helping HIV/AIDS victims in the poorest parts of the world. She is a Nobel Peace prize winner as well as many other world-renowned prizes. Religious or not (I am not Catholic) this lady deserves her invite. She dedicated her life to humanitarian causes and making the world better.

6. Angelina Jolie, another divisive invite, but a lady I admire, sadly not for her movies but for her work with the UN. She has served the UN for over ten years as a Goodwill Ambassador. The work she has done for refugees is remarkable. I don’t think since Diana Princess of Wales has one person been able to highlight humanitarian issues in the same way. She genuinely impresses me. I also think she is an ambassador for young people in how to turn your life around. It also helps she is breathtakingly beautiful and I want her to be my BFF so she is on the invite list. Plus Mummy L would like her to bring her husband.

7. Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers. If you have not had the good fortune to visit his beautiful home Monticello in Virginia USA it is a must. This great man was a thinker, an intellect and an inventor. His home reflects this. I think he would be fascinated by the scientific developments of the day and how his greatest works The Declaration of Independence still holds today (and I could give him a hard time about it!) Deserves his invite and Mr L would be thrilled.

8. James Corden, Love James. If you don’t know who he is you should. He is the new presenter of The Late Late Show in the US, and a comedy staple for the Brits. He is super fun, super cute, super talented and super smart. Every dinner party needs a comedian and it would be my honor to have James. Watch his show, he won’t be on the night of my party though.

9. Alan Turing, if you didn’t see the Benedict Cumberbatch movie The Imitation Game then you should. The movie was about Alan Turing. Undoubtedly the creator of the computer, one of the greatest creations in history. It was his machine that broke the Enigma code which ultimately led to the breakthrough and winning of WW2. Alan Turing’s life is not as well-known as it should be. I am appalled by the way my country treated him for being a homosexual. He has since received a royal pardon (after his death.) I have many questions for the great man. I am quite sure he would love to see how far his invention has come. Absolutely want him at my dinner party.

10. Andrea Bocelli. Voice of an angel. Humble, talented, romantic and could not imagine a better guest to get up and serenade us after dinner. Love all his work and could not think he would offend the sensibilities of any of the guests.

11. Emily Bronte, just the lady who wrote the greatest book of all time, Wuthering Heights. It amazes me how an unmarried woman, restricted by restraints of convention could write such a passionate book. The passion is not as today, explicit, but more subtle and raw. The questions I have for the vicars daughter are boundless and she is a definite at any dinner party of mine.

12, Lady Margaret Thatcher, enough said. The first female leader of the Western World. Great friend of Ronald Reagan. Interesting and undoubtedly influenced me as a person as she was Prime Minister when I was born. She was a leader of her times and whether you agree with her politics, she did a great deal for women and their position in the world, simply by being a leader. She would be such an interesting guests, makes the invite list.

13. Anna Wintour. Editor in Chief of  US Vogue. Now she is another controversial choice, because many suggest she is not a ray of sunshine, surely that is how she has held her top position in the cut throat world of fashion for so long. Fabulous taste in sunglasses and everything beauty and fashion, I would be fascinated in her stories and her opinions on the world. Friendly or not this lady is highly impressive to me and I bet she brings fabulous hostess gifts. Anna your invite is in the mail.

14. Sir Ranulph Fiennes. One of the greatest living explorers. He has done it all, climbed Everest, been to the North and South Pole and is the first explorer to walk Antarctica on foot. So highly impressive chap. Great stories, amazing experience. Could not think of a better guest.

15.  Brian Keenan. This for some may be a peculiar choice, some may even wonder who this man is. More famous would be Terry Waite or John McCarthy. I remember it was probably ten years ago that I read his book and it had a profound effect upon me, as I hope it would anyone. I recommend his harrowing tale to all who can. It shocks me how mankind can treat each other. Four and half years in captivity the majority chained and blindfolded. I have many questions for him and I would think his perspectives and view on world affairs and humankind would be profound and he makes my party list no hesitations.

16. Roger Federer, what is not to say about the consummate professional athlete. He is the only sports person to make the party. He is arguable the greatest tennis player of all time if not sports person. To me he is the epitome of class and upholds and displays every characteristic that a superstar athlete should. There is very little else to say. He is an absolute party must and imagine great company.

So that is it. My list, hope we can all find a date that works, especially with my busy diary :0) Who would you invite? Who do you disagree with? Anyone you think yes that is my list too? Mr L promises me he will produce a list, one I hope he will share on here one day!!!! This is also a great date night or dinner party question. It is really good for getting a conversation started and causing some interesting dialogue. I hope it is not too UK focused. Let me know what you think? This is not meant to offend anyone either. If you do not agree with my choices or commentary that is ok too.

Happy Weekend.

Ta ta for now,

TLL xx


Who are your dream guests? Give it a go and share with me!

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Carla August 14, 2015 - 8:49 pm

Great choices! Thinking of 16 guests is tough! So far I have Roald Dahl, Lee Evans, Peter Kay, Louis Theroux, Jane Austen, Jeremy Clarkson, Princess Diana, Enid Blyton, Elton John (for an after dinner serenade), Michel Roux Jr (he could cook the dinner) , Valentino Rossi, King Tut, Anne Frank and JK Rowling. After that I am a little stuck. Quite an eclectic bunch, not sure what it says about me! x

thelifestylelady August 20, 2015 - 9:39 pm

Hi Carla
Thank you for commenting and your dinner party is amazing. It’s an interesting dinner. Not as easy as it looks. Please keep reading the blog. Kate xx

superheroes of the bible April 27, 2016 - 7:18 pm

This really answered my problem, thank you!

thelifestylelady May 15, 2016 - 6:06 pm

So glad I could help, have a great week. TLLx


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