Time Waits For No Mum!

by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Thursday! It’s happy here today because the weather is not over 100! YAY its only middle 90’s. Does this mean that we may be starting the decline to Autumn? (Probably not.) I have begun to realize that we are almost half way through August (wth?) that means that the US children are returning to school, in fact I know some returned today in Houston :0( (sorry kids.) So it is back to the routine. Now I have always been pretty good at getting Little L out and about, it is as much for me as for her. I am not one to sit staring at four walls all the time. I do however, sometimes find it difficult getting the balance right. I wonder should I be doing more at home? Preparing my husband more gourmet meals? Where and how do I priorities family life?

I have always been the type of personality who wants to do everything well. I struggle sometimes with letting things go. I hate having people over and the house never looks as put together as I would want. I should preface that the Lifestyle house is very open plan. When I say open plan, I mean when you open the front door you can pretty much see every room, so it is one of those homes to me that never looks tidy or put together. A few months ago I took myself off to a Vintage Market Day and I found a women who was selling very cute art work and one of her prints really resonated with me. I had to have it. It sang out to me about priorities and what matters. So of course I bought and framed it and made sure it took pride of place in my home somewhere I could see it regularly to remind me.

_MG_5731The message is so clear and true. This morning I was only thinking that Little L is growing up SO FAST. I think it was the one piece of advice I got the most from friends, family and strangers, how fast they grow up. When  you’re expecting your first child you sort of laugh it off – did you do the same? It is now the advice I bestow upon friends entering the parental adventure. I can not believe that Little L is almost 2! So last week when I was organizing our fall schedule, wondering if Little L really benefits from activities (I know she does.) I read this and reminded myself, I will not get this time back. Next August she will start a pre-school program, so why would I not want to jam all I can into the time remaining. Who wants a home that looks like it’s out of a magazine, when the park is calling? I am not advocating that we never do chores again or that I live in a hovel, but if like me your two choices this afternoon are to do a pile of ironing or go play or go get ice cream. Do the latter, the former can wait. So the Lifestyle gals have some fun things planned for Fall and this afternoon and the rest can wait.

Ta ta for now.


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