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This is a quick post. Now I know most of my blog posts to-date have been focused on the higher end products. With most things I live by the mantra “you get what you pay for.” This however does not always ring true in cosmetics and I really believe you can find some gems in the drug store or chemist. I do not want to fill up this blog with my love for particular brands but I do have a few, namely L’Oreal and Revlon. It is of Revlon I wish to speak today, in particular their nail polishes. Do not even get me started on their lip range (FABULOUS!!!!!!) Today as mentioned I am focusing on their Colourstay Gel Envy range. Love Love Love.

Love Love Love Revlon Color Stay

As a young mum, a manicure is a little wasted on me, my hands are in/out of water or scrubbing stains etc so a manicure seldom lasts. But I do not look totally disheveled, and if I tell you that my mummy (Mummy L) always has her nails painted (I do not think I have ever seen them their natural color, well not in my memory,) that tells you the sort of barometer I hold myself too. I like a polished nail, especially in the US, where getting them painted and cared for is very reasonable. Since time is a luxury I have little of, I often find myself compensating with a DIY job. I do  not want to spend a fortune on polish, who does?  (Well thats a lie because I have been dying to try Tom Ford’s Nail Lacquer in Toasted Sugar- anyone tried it?) That is why I was so delighted with this Revlon range, the price point for a color and diamond top coat (needed as part of application) is $12.99 and fyi is on sale in Walgreens. I already owned the top coat which I purchased in a similar deal at Target with the color Royal Flush, a bright cerise pink which screams summer. On Sunday I purchased Perfect Pair for $6.99 and hit goal.

Beautiful hand model :0)

I am always looking for a neutral shade, not a grey or a light pink more a flesh color. I wanted a color that would give the appearance of being painted but would not look horrendous if they got a little chipped. That has always been my problem with the stronger colors. If they chip I instantly want to remove the polish or place my hands in gloves. Some may find this shade a little pale or insignificant but for an everyday polish that is what this LL is looking for. As I mentioned earlier I am rough on my hands and so far the polish and color have withstood. I am so happy Revlon, thank you, I just have to pray that they do not discontinue the shade. Any polish types or shades that you recommend I try? Please leave me a comment and I will give them a go!

Happy Painting

Ta ta for now


Full Hand
Picture of shade on hand. No chips day 3!

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