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by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

So I talked about my love of Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner, it has been one of those purchases that has made me very happy. Until last week I was using this,

Simplified Planner

Sorry for the shadows folks – learning at this photography. My beautiful HAPPY STRIPE

This was her 2015 – 2016 Simplified Planner daily edition in happy stripe, which I have loved. This year Emily decided to change how her planners operated and created the 18 month planner which started Aug 1 2015- Dec 31 2016. I think this is a great idea as I often want to plan things into the new year, well before the dramatics of the festive season and this will allow for that. This year Emily also created the weekly edition which I felt would be a better fit for me. As a SAHM I do not require the daily page to write down my huge commitments and thought the weekly view would suit my lifestyle better. I was also slightly hesitant to have a daily 18 month planner. I thought it would be huge, and although my planner seldom leaves my desk I still like to travel with it. Now one thing about these planners is they have a cult following, getting your hands on one is no small task. My initial plan was to replace my daily happy stripe with the weekly happy stripe, well while on her website I procrastinated too long and the weekly happy stripe had sold out. (Yes I was very disappointed.) In the end I chose this.

Mini Dot

Mini Dot – Better get planning!

I believe the official title is Weekly Planner Mini Dot. In true Emily style, the item was shipped efficiently and arrived beautifully packaged.


Classy package

This box is lovely, I am a huge fan of navy and it is a great way to store the previous years planner. (Which I tend to keep for the following 12 months, incase I need to check dates etc.) It is also a classy touch to package elegantly. Every year Emily always adds a thank you and information on  the planner. I think as her brand explodes it is still very clear to see she care deeply for the product and the role it plays in her life.


Notes to accompany the planner

All parts of the product scream quality. Whether it is the gold ring binder, which is a lovelier color this year, or the gold reinforced corners which are a plus especially if you cart your planner around or have a toddler who loves to drop it. The monthly tabs are colorful, (which matches the happy stripe beautifully.) They are also reinforced so they are less likely to get damaged.  Not sure how clearly you can see them in the below photograph. The inside page has a pocket which is super for holding loose invites, coupons, stickers and other knickknacks.


Inside Cover

I also find the monthly overview a great feature, it enables me to plan for birthdays, bills, trips and other excitements as a whole and can see where I may have schedule gaps or time off (do not be a fool!)

Monthly View

Monthly View

The weekly feature will take some getting use to, it does not have times allocated which at first I did not like and I am now beginning to love because it means the space is more productive to my schedule. It still leave the gap for meal planning which is an excellent feature, especially for a young mummy who is often too tired to consider dinner planning at 9am. I like her weekly prep Sunday checklist (which I will blog about in more detail on another occasion.) I enjoy the weekly inspirational quotes, I must confess one or two of the authors I am not acquainted with so I get educated by google in the process.

Weekly View

New Weekly View

How much can one person say about a planner other than it is a positive addition to my life. I would have loved the happy stripe but I will learn to love the mini dot and it is by no means ugly. I have lots of Emily’s products and hope to blog about those in the future. Her website is definitely worth a look and the blog section is inspiring.

Happy Planning

Ta ta for now


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