Keep Calm & Ugga Mugga

by thelifestylelady


Keep Calm And Carry On is a very famous quote from the other side of the pond. It was a phrase made famous in WW2 on British soil when it was plastered around as propaganda to keep up the Brit spirit during some dark days. The phrase has had a huge resurgence in the past few years and you can buy it on almost any form of merchandise. Not to sound to melodramatic it is a phrase I consider tonight as I get into bed and get ready to face a new day. Now this blog is not intended to be a place for me to rant or moan about my champagne problems, but I do feel if my readers are to understand me better there is NO weakness in saying; tommorow I must do better. It is not always bad to say I struggled a little today and I let things get the better of me, yes my 21 month year old beat me! It was not the LL was particularly picklish, just that constant level of minimal naughtiness, you know where it’s not quite naughty spot but it’s annoying enough to get on your wick. Now these feelings were some what expedited but the fact I am suffering from a summer cold (who in Gods name gets those!? Me, my second.) One of the many joys of living in a nation where you did not grow up is that the germs are different so you are more susceptible to picking them up (lucky me.) TBH I was a little better today, that very (very) large gulp of NyQuil I took last night knocked me out for a good twelve hours and I woke up feeling lots better. I was so out of it I don’t think I would have heard a bomb drop, and I have still been pretty out of it most of today. Another reason for my slight melancholy is that my darling LL isn’t one to nap. She is and has always been a good nighttime sleeper.  It is your cross to bare I hear you fellow mama’s scream. Perhaps you are right, I listen in envy when my friends say that little Farquhar has taken a two-hour nap. Two hours, the things I could do. The episodes of Bravo I could watch in that time 😍. I am very blessed LL is a sweet little girl with a very independent streak, which she gets from me. I wouldn’t have her any other way. Granted she could give Meryl Streep a run for her money in the acting stakes at the moment especially the fake tears but generally she is a gem. So she did get the naughty spot twice, mummy did shout (more than twice 😳) But we did go to bed on an Ugga Mugga and for those of you who don’t speak Daniel Tiger that means I Love You, and that ladies and gents is more than I deserve. So tomorrow is a new day and as my report always said: Could do better.

Sweet Dreams Folks

Ta Ta for now


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