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by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

Happy hump day. It is nearly the weekend :0) So if you read my blog you know it’s Organizational August in the Lifestyle household, meaning we are tackling projects and ensuring the house is running well as we step into the Fall/Autumn. I remember having a conversation with a group of women about handbags/purses, now this is a conversation I love. Bags/purses are a weakness of this LL, however the lady who was speaking was talking of an analogy which holds true to me and I think of often. She explained how her handbag/purse represented her, her state of mind and how her life was running. For example, if her bag was untidy, disorganized and full of junk, she was pretty sure that’s how her life was operating. Whether your working, running a home, looking after small children or all three; time to keep your bag organized and clear of junk is low on anyones priority scale.

I mentioned earlier I love bags, often the bigger the better, being a taller person the idea of carrying a small clutch has not appealed. One problem area with big purses is that they can become a bottomless pit of sippy cups, old baby wipes, receipts, lipsticks, chewing gum, diapers the list goes on and on. I have always tried bag/purse organizers, and they have often been pretty blah. Never fitted properly, slipped down, the pockets where not large enough, on and on, until about two years ago I discovered Samorga.

it often baffled me that mostly ladies and some gents would fork out a small mortgage to buy designer bags and would not care how the content was stored inside. It seems the people of Samorga agreed with me. I would not describe myself as an ethical shopper, but I do care where and how products I buy are made. I first discovered Samorga on Etsy (YAY) and loved that their products are handmade. Samorga have a wide selection of bag/purse organizers, they even arrange organizers by the style of designer bag/purse you have. So if it is LV or Hermes, Mulberry or Tory Burch, you are almost guaranteed that they have an organizer for you. They also custom make. What I really love about these organizers is that they are made of a heavy felt, so they are sturdy but do not scratch. You can transfer them bag/purse to bag/purse (provided they fit.) I believe for certain bag/purse styles you have a variety of designs, with more or less pockets, depending on your preference. You can select the organizers color many sensible people choose a color which matches the inside of their bag/purse, it has that seamless, meant to be look. I on the other hand choose a pink one as it fits several of my bags and I love pink. My next big purse/bag purchase I may select one with a similar interior color.

The price point of these items is approximately $50-$100, some may feel this is quite steep but when you consider the cost of bag/purses these days and the quality of these products I would say they are a great investment. They have certainly helped me to keep organized. It was a lucky day when I discovered them. I have posted some pictures below of my Samorga both in and out of the bag. I will preface, this was not made for the bag, it happened to fit but I am thrilled with how it sits and looks. You would not believe how much is in the bag, and it does not look full. I love keeping it in the bag/purse when I have another bag/purse in rotation because it helps it keep its shape. This is a wonderful product and I love it. I just want to spread the love and encourage you to get one!

Ta ta for now,


Samorga in situimageimage

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