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by thelifestylelady

Howdy Y’all,

This weeks high-five is a little later than normal but it’s still Monday in the US so that makes it 👍. Hope your weekend was good, it was fairly quiet in The Lifestyle Household, which meant I could tackle August Org (will blog update soon) and I have to confess took a little much-needed downtime. So this week’s high-five are apps that I can’t live without on my phone.

1. Cozi. Love love love this app, it has transformed the organization of my family life and I think it’s the best diary/organization app ever. I love the fact we have a family login and password.  The calendar function allows independent and shared calendars including the creation of family calendars. You can create and save shopping lists for recipes, groceries or any other shopping you can think of. One of the brilliant features is the to do list; you can create and add to each other’s throughout the day. This has been a super plus chez lifestyle. We can remind each other to do things without the nagging (so thank you Cozi for making happier relationships) and emails reminders to the selected audience so you never need forget anything again! It also has a journal function which I confess I am yet to acquaint myself with. Great to find an app which both Mr L and I enjoy using. It has a great interface and you can access your data from Cozi on any device! High Five Cozi.

2. What’s App. Now this app is a lifesaver for a family like mine; it literally makes the world smaller. When you live thousands of miles from family and friends the ability to text, send videos and images across the Internet for free is phenomenal. Especially for family who can’t see little L everyday this makes the distance seem closer. I honestly don’t think I would have settled as well here in the US if I didn’t have this wonderful app. High Five and thankyou What’s App.

3. Meetup. Now I am relatively new to this app, it came into my life about two years ago. When I moved to Texas I knew nobody, I was pregnant and friendless. It is not that easy to meet people, so I came across this app, I gave it a go and joined an amazing group called The Transplant Parents of Dallas and the rest as they say is history. I literally met 98% of my friend base through this app and it transformed my life. I also know a great friend of mine made wonderful friends through the app when she lived in NYC so if you’re not familiar with it, join – it’s fantastic. It has genuinely transformed my life and given me the best group of friends a gal could dream of. High five and thankyou Meetup.

4. Chrome. Love Google, love Chrome. Great and easy way to lookup information on the run. Use it all the time and it never lets me down, unlike certain other browsers. Class act. High five Chrome.

5. Video/ You Tube. Anyone with a child gets this, need I say more? Lifesaver. When Little L is on the verge of a meltdown or bored to tears, this app allows me those extra minutes I really need to get the task done. Just wish I had more storage to hold more material. Plus I can catch up on information from bloggers I follow on the rare occasions little L lets me use my own phone. High Five You Tube.

Now I am aware that no social media made it into the top five. Mainly because I use that on my iPad rather than iPhone. I have a list of items including Skype which I couldn’t live without but again I don’t tend to use on my phone.

Any apps I have to try? What apps can you not live without? Leave me a comment please.

Ta Ta for now


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