August Organization- Join Moi?

by thelifestylelady

Hi Y’all

Firstly sorry for the blogging drought, this week seems to have been crazy with very little reason. So who spring cleans? By this I mean who goes through the house purging, organizing and sprucing. A spring clean has always made me stop and take stock. It is a reason to go through draws and cupboards and rearrange, remove or recycle items. Living in a place where we get very hot summers, August always seems to work better for me than the spring, after all who wants to be inside sorting when you could be enjoying the outside. So for the past few years August has been my sort out month. Now before I sound all Martha Stewart, whether its August or January time is limited, if you are like me who has a toddler whose idea of fun is to wreck everything, the time to go through cupboards and draws is reduced. How am I getting round this I hear you scream? Firstly I’m going to delegate (something I sometimes find difficult.) This year I have given Mr L two of the main areas to focus his energy, mainly because their his items and I do not want to throw his stuff out, until he tries. Secondly I am having a more focused approach and only tackling achievable projects which need doing. I did this by going round the house assessing what really needed sorting. I then took the list and decided the key areas were, the garage, the office, our closet, my makeup cabinet, the larder, the top of the fridge and the laundry cupboard. These are not major projects as both Mr L and I are fairly organized people and we like our home to reflect this, however even the most organized people let things slip. It is much easier to put things away and keep your home looking well-kept if your cupboards and closets are well-arranged.

Over the next few weeks as time allows I will tackle these projects and will share the results on the blog. I am hoping that one or two of you might want to join me? It doesn’t have to be a month-long slog, but do you have a draw in your kitchen, you know a “junk draw” which holds screwed up takeout menus, the odd key (which you don’t know what it belongs to but can’t throw it out.) Screws and other odds and sods. Or maybe its a shelf stuffed with cookbook, or a broken binder with recipes coming out, or a draw full of old phones and leads. Whatever it is, why not take 20 mins, could even be while watching TV, join me and sort it out. We can all move into the Autumn with a cleaner and better organized home which always make TLL feel SO much better.

So please share with me photos and comments of you doing your sorting.

Ta ta for now.


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