Netflix Negotiations

by thelifestylelady

Being parents to Little L, and therefore not being able to get out as easily as we did before and finding ourselves more tired at the end of the day after running around after a toddler, relaxation is often sought by collapsing in a heap on the sofa. Finding  a TV series that we can both enjoy can often be process of negotiation, dear Mr L likes to watch a series in full rather than waiting for the weekly offering so we find ourselves drawn to Amazon Prime or Netflix. So rather than promote some of the fabulous US shows that we have enjoyed, I wanted to mention some of the fantastic British drama series available on Netflix that you might wish to give a perusal. I would imagine the vast majority of these dramas are available on Netflix in other countries.

Fleming The Man What Would Be Bond– this is a mini drama about the life of Ian Fleming (the writer of James Bond.) You see how his life formed the basis and creation of James Bond. Interesting story, period setting and fun viewing. A couple win win, after all what man doesn’t want to be Bond? For the ladies plenty to admire in the male cast 🙂 ( FYI It is a little steamy at times.)

Luther- A gritty police drama based in London, fantastic cast including Ruth Wilson (The Affair fame) and Idris Elba. (Ladies need I say more???)

Sherlock- This I know has been shown on PBS and has a worldwide cult following, it has catapulted Benedict Cumberbatch to universal notoriety. This modern-day take on the Arthur Conan Doyle books is exquisite. It makes you think, well acted and is very clever. If you have not watched this, it’s a must. Very much looking forward to the next series.

The Fall- This fabulous drama is based in Ireland and follows the police trying to catch a serial killer. The serial killer is not as you imagine and the relationship between him Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades fame) and classy (Gillian Anderson) keeps you gripped. It is scary at times not necessarily because of explicit content. This was one of the best things I had seen in a while, so unless your petrified, keep with it. This is a win win because Jamie Dornan plays serial killer so well and Gillian Anderson makes me want to wear silk blouses more often :0)

Broadchurch –  The original British drama that the US mirrored with Gracepoint. If you have watched Gracepoint you may want to give this a miss as the stories are identical. If you have watched neither the lead police officer male is played by Brit actor David Tennant in both and I found him much easier to understand in Broadchurch. Good story, great cast, lovely Dorset scenery and a twisted conclusion. A good watch.

The Honourable Woman – A political spy drama, starring the elegant Maggie Gyllenhaal (who won a Golden Globe for the performance.) Its basic synopsis is Anglo-Israeli Gyllenhaal who has dedicated her life to Middle East peace is prevented from continuing her life’s work in connecting the West Bank with optical fibre cables. There are kidnaps and secrets galore. It is a thought-provoking, brain using and politically sensitive drama, which deserves it accolades. I feel I want to watch again to absorb more of the detail. First class and worth a watch.

House of Cards – Those of you who have been addicted to the Netflix series and the very eery Kevin Spacey should give the original drama a view. Yes the original is based on the British Houses of Parliament and although its looking a little dated, the conniving characters and clever lines are much the same, as Mr L said as we were watching “You might very well think that, I couldn’t possibly comment.” Worth a flit.

Happy Valley– This gritty police drama is not as the title suggests happy. It follows a police officer coming to terms with the suicide of her daughter and facing the man she believes responsible for driving her daughter to her death. This is a very British drama but one I enjoyed.

These are a small selection, mostly of my favourite thrillers and dramas. I hope to give other genre suggestions at a later date. What do you love to watch? Any suggestions for us? We are currently finishing Boss, which is good. Would love to hear from you? If you watch these let me know what you think?

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