High Five Monday- things that make my life easier

by thelifestylelady

It is Monday and we all need a little pick me up. It is the end of the weekend (they always go too fast – don’t they?) plus I always wake on a Monday never as well rested as I plan to be, even if I went to bed early enough. I blame this time trauma on always worrying about over sleeping, an issue I care less and less about as the week progresses ;0) So this week I thought I would write about five items which make my life easier and the LL is all in favor or those.

1. Steve Jobs – well more my iPhone… You are probably thinking BORING & OBVIOUS first choice, I would agree, although my phone has all these wonderful apps, bells and whistles designed to make my life super wonderful, but it is the video function I thank Steve Jobs for. The Apple crew have saved me many a tantrum by Little L. They have rescued this mummy from many a palm sweating – in a fact whole body sweating, heart palpitating – panic attack when I can whip out my phone like super-mama and offer a wide selection of Disney Jnr or PBS, which is often met with the words “Dan Dan” (but that is another blog post.) High five Apple thank you.



2. My Simplified Planner by Emily Ley, this is pure and simply my Bible. I promise to blog about my Bible at a later date but this planner keeps me on the straight and narrow and that is no mean task. All Emily’s products are wonderful and this is the jewel in the crown. Since I had Little L my concentration and memory has not returned to what it was. Lucky me. Mr L tells me I am getting old, but I maintain (with my extensive medical qualifications) that it is hormone-related. So I find this planner is essential to remember who and where I am meant to be. High five Emily – thank you.

Simplified Planner

3. My Ringly – I hear you ask what? Yes this beautiful emerald cocktail ring (a gift from Mr L) flashes and vibrates on my finger when my phone is receiving a call, what’s app, email, or text. You can set it to alert you to whatever you want. I will blog more about this fab item but needless to say it has helped keep me connected, which can be difficult when you are running around after a toddler. High five Ringly- thank you.


4. Nespresso Machine – if the adverts with George Clooney have not driven you to try this, then I hope this blog post does. Now I mentioned in an earlier post that I didn’t drink coffee till I was thirty. Well, this machine has helped me make up for lost time. I will admit Mr L is something of a coffee expert, so it is down to him that we have this wonderful item. But, needless to say, it gives me many a high at the correct spot when I need it, and has saved this mummy from many an exhausted meltdown. It’s yummy! High five Nespresso – thank you.


5. Barrington – one thing that scared me about becoming a mummy was that I would lose all identity and never have time for myself. I have always tried to look presentable; that is not always the case but emphasis on the word “try”. I love a handbag/purse; my collection could have a blog of its own and when I got my first diaper bag I thought that’s it’s “collection over” and for the first twelve months that was the case. Now that Little L is a little bigger I am going back to my purses and was absolutely ecstatic when I found this company. Again, I will blog in more detail later on but, needless to say, these bags are roomy, stylish and able to carry everything mama and toddler need. Making my life so much easier in a stylish way – love that. High five Barrington – thank you.



These items are not a definitive list; I have many more things that help, but these were a few. What makes your life easier? What do you love? Get in touch!

Happy Monday

Ta to for now


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Carolyn Corden July 20, 2015 - 8:25 pm

I’m loving your blog Kate, and I really, really want a Ringly! x

thelifestylelady July 20, 2015 - 8:29 pm

Thanks Carolyn, please keep reading and commenting I appreciate it. X


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