18 Friday’s Till Christmas

by thelifestylelady

When Mr L asked me last night what would be my next blog topic I explained I genuinely did not know. I have some backup ideas and hope some of you reading this will shout out the sort of content you would like; but what I see inspires me.  Low and behold this morning, as I checked my phone and the Facebook app, inspiration appeared like a water fountain in the Sahara.

Get ready

Get ready

Yes you read it in black and white (with a weird-looking elf.) Now for some this may seem way off, when you rationalise it is over four months, but 18 Friday’s did make my heart skip a beat this morning. Now I LOVE Christmas, everything about it, the preparations, food, wine, friendship, charity, music, literally everything. I’m writing this thinking about mulled wine and mince pies (to my US readers I will blog about sweet mince pies nearer December.) I know I am ahead of the game with this blog about Christmas because none of the Christmas ads or infomercials have arrived on TV (they will be very quickly) and I do this out of kindness, especially for those amongst us who may leave everything till the last momento. In the L household, prior to marriage (so when I was a young LL living in UK with my parents) the mad Christmas rush was limited to the 23rd of December, as on Christmas Eve the greatest arrival came in the form of my mummy L, my creator and baker. So we always had to be ultra organized. I have always felt sort of sorry for those people who have birthdays so close to Christmas. You wait all year for your gifts, but for mama L, having me as a daughter was gift enough and I wont even start about bro L!

So I write this to you all so you can write your lists. For the readers amongst us who have lots to buy, you could take advantage of some of the super-duper sales on offer at the moment. For the cooks and bakers amongst us, you could bake your cake and pudding so they get ultra mature and yummy. For those of you appalled by this post, speaking of Christmas in July, why not pay tribute to the festival by having a little shot of Grand Marnier or Sherry, or ordering a turkey sandwich, or watch your go-to Christmas movie/film.

After all, only 18 Friday’s to go. I’m off list-making, flight-booking and checking on mummy L who may well be panicking ;0)

Ta ta for now


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