Toddler Pressies- Help

by thelifestylelady

So I have always prided myself on trying to source the thoughtful gift for friends and family when celebratory events occur. Granted, as people mature and means increase, trying to find items that are original, different and that will delight becomes more difficult. I did not think I would face the same challenge when purchasing gifts for tiddlywinks (little people). As a mummy who loves to read and loves everything book and literature-related, this tends to be my go-to. Being a Brit, I often find at least a few of my kiddy literary canon are not commonplace here, and, providing I can source it, then voila! This can be difficult when shipping is expensive and I don’t have a guest arriving with a big baggage and weight allowance. Another thing I am not keen on is becoming predictable, and although I pride myself on being a mummy who loves The Classics and all related material I respect that others do not share my vision and it’s simply not their thing. I do not want Little L getting picked on for giving “uncool” gifts.

I love the idea of a present drawer. A close UK friend of mine introduced me to the concept, picking items up as you see them, especially if they are on sale (we all do that, even if I’m brave enough to write it out loud.) So that if that unexpected party invite arrives, or you chat to another mum who has had an equal brainy idea and buys the same gift, you can produce something new and different. Plus it saves you from yet another trip to Target or Toys ‘r’ Us where you end of spending a fortune on plastic c*** and forget to come away with a gift! (Or is that just me?) Speaking of plastic, I’m not a fan, and by that I mean not that I dislike plastic, it is one of the greatest inventions of mankind – clearly, simply I am not a fan of plastic toys made in China. Mr L and I love wooden toys and of course Little L (despite my aversion) still has enough plastic China-made toys to sink a small ship, but we still try to limit them.

Now being raised British I was taught all matters money are private, but please accept my apology regarding my vulgarity in this moment; but what is the right amount to spend? Obviously that’s a personal circumstance question, but even if you were a billionaire do you set a budget? Do you spend more on tiddlywinks you know better? It even poses the question do you spend more on a gift if you know the party is at a more expensive venue? These are all pretty ugly questions, but sometimes these things have to be asked. I’m fully aware that Little L has not even made school yet, when I imagine everything party and gift-related gets competitive. Am I right? What happens when you’re in a class of 20 and invited to all the parties? Budgeting and fairness (Mr L would be proud of me) is essential.

Can you see the quandary? Any tips or advice? Please don’t let me become the stingy or “uncool” mother. Help me make PTA! Save Little L from a life of misery and give this mama some tips!

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