Role Models

by thelifestylelady

Are you a role model? Do you have role models that you look up to and idolize? That gene was missing in me, I was never one with boy band posters on my wall, dreaming of marrying Prince William- just not that type of gal. I suppose I did sort of idolize people who I thought made a difference especially women but I have never wanted to be anyone else or live any other life (except when Little L is having a massive tantrum in a public place.) The reason I am writing this is because today I realized what a role model I am to Little L (not sure how long it will last though…) It’s not that I am some dumb blonde (mmm) who did not realize that her child was shaped and influenced by my behaviors and actions its just I had not really taken (or had) the time to consider it. It was something very small which highlighted it to me today. This morning as Little L and I arrived at her kiddie gym class I notice that she had taken my hair claw and attached it to her top. I laughed because I realized that is what I do. It is probably placed more often on my top at her eye level than it is for its original purpose being in my hair. I carry one because usually I have hair elastic around my wrist which I only remember to remove when I have lost all feeling in my fingers or she has taken because I am trying to tie her unkept locks out of her eyes. When I consider this more I realize that the same things happen with sunglasses, Little L likes to place them on her head like a headband and not wear them because again that is what I do. What a relief that she has only been mirroring those things said far. I now need to be more aware of how I conduct myself in her presence, I try to pride myself of behaving properly, but shock horror the mask slips sometimes. Especially at home when I’m in the comfort of what is known and familiar, that is when I need to ensure that I watch what I say and do. Father L (not a Catholic Priest- my dad!) raised me on the importance of body-language as a form of communication and I am beginning to see its importance. When I take the time to consider I am essentially my daughters primary role-model (poor love) so I need to “up my game.” It will probably benefit us both.

Who was your “pin-up” or “role model?” Do you have tips to remembering to set an example?

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My role-model reminders

My role-model reminders

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